Date: 20th December 2012 at 4:56pm
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Okay, I want your honest opinion here and I will try and make it short.

It`s been a month since our Legend (I guess you know him)was sacked and a certain coach (guess you know him too) was hired temporary.

Since then we have played 8 matches, and out of the 8 we have won 4, drawn 2 and lost 2 in all competitions.

In these eight matches, we have been knocked out the Champions League (we were on the verge of elimination when he was sacked but don’t forget we were still in it), we’re 1 3points behind the league leaders (albeit 1 outstanding match), we have missed out on the Club World Cup, but are still in the Capital One Cup.

Now supposing our legend was still in charge would things have different?

Would we be calling ourselves World Champions?

What would have been the point gap between the league leaders and us?

What about the Champions league and Capital One Cup?

Your views would be appreciated.