Date: 28th January 2013 at 4:37pm
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No , this is not an article that’ll be saying ‘RAFA OUT AND WE’LL BE FINE’ , you’d be delusional to think that.

A lot of members have pointed out a lack of squad depth. Considering we have an ENTIRE SQUAD out on loan it is quite visible.

Okay, so currently we have Ba and Torres as the strikers and Mata , Hazard (suspended) , Oscar and Marin as the AM’s. We have Lampard and Ramires as CM’s, both are box-to-box and neither are as defensive minded as Mikel. You see Lampard barging up the field giving Ramires loads of work to do and we become prone to counter attacks.

Neither Lampard or Ramires are consistent as sometimes they have fantastic games and next thing you know they’re giving balls away 24/7. Both look worn out and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or the other got injured we’d be screwed.

My only solution to our DM crisis is giving young Ake a start in games against the likes of Brentford. The guy is a massive prospect, even though he is 18, I think he’ll do well while filling in for Lampard or Ramires. He’s our only option in the terms of DM’s for squad rotation and he can also play CB, so he is more focused on the defensive side of the game (like Mikel). I don’t know about how he transits from defence to attack but we’ve got to give him a go.

Now to the AM’s , as you can see in our conventional 4-2-3-1 we play 3 AM’s behind a lone striker (Torres/BA). Considering we only have 3 available attacking AM’s and Benitez is playing Bertrand on the wings, we’re in a crisis. I suggest we switch to a 4-4-2 so we can at least give one AM (preferably Mata) some rest, this will allow Marin and Oscar more space in midfield and he can play down the middle.

Marin can be the lone winger but there’s nothing we can do about that. I’ll get on about how we’re going to play both Ba and Torres at the same time without burning one/both of them out.

Our striker situation also needs a youth team player. Since we cannot recall any of our CM’s/AM’s from loan so we’ll have to play 2 strikers. We need to call Feruz up from the youth team. He’s been on great form and he was fantastic against Boro. He slotted 2 and he does it regularly, he is only 17 though so we need to be careful, but I think in order to give Ba or Torres rest he can come on around the 60-65th minute mark with either going off and make some rare starts.

I think it’s what’s needed in-order to add some depth to the squad. In defense considering we have a fully fit Azpilicueta, who can swap with Ivanovic at times and take a rest. In the CB category we have Terry, Cahill, Luiz as our natural CB’s, Iva mostly plays at CB with Azpilicueta being fit so there isn’t quite a problem and Terry is gaining match fitness on his recovery. Left back we can play the majority of the games with Cole and then give him a breather by playing a decent Bertrand who isn’t as good as Cole though.

I think Iva will switch to permanent CB once Wallace arrives in the summer. We can also call up Aziz-Deen-Conteh who is a fine RB if Azpi needs rest. I think I`ve said everything. I might not be correct but I’m sharing my opinions. Rafa should rest players at lower-class Europa league games like Prague, giving youngsters a chance.

Keep the blue flag flying high!

Please feel free to have a bash at me if I made a mistake! Cheers.