Date: 21st November 2012 at 12:58pm
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It has been a rough 30 days already, but the next 30 days don’t look easy either.

There is City (great form), Fulham, West Ham, Sunderland and the Club World Cups which makes it a more hectic schedule. Then there is going to be that nervy night against Nords in 2 weeks. In the midst of that, a repeat of events that eventually get coaches sacked have repeated themselves already.

Some of those are as follows:

1.) Poor form from the starting striker without insufficient depth that eventually leads to losses.

2.) Locker room or training bust ups e.g. under Scolari’s, AVB and now RDM’s era.

3.) Poor form in the winter.

4.) Meddling from Board members and owners.

We already know what 1-4 above leads to which is the eventual sacking of our coach.

In Pep’s new book, Guillem Balague describes Roman’s obsession which can be grasped with this quote below:

Balague describes salary proposals ‘growing with each attempt: £10 million (Dh46.9m) a year, £13m, even £15m according to certain sources’ littering Guardiola’s last three seasons at Camp Nou. He tells of an invite after the 2011 sacking of Carlo Ancelotti to be picked up by private helicopter and holiday on one of Abramovich’s fleet of yachts. (‘Stop telling me these things. I don’t want to meet Roman or I might have my head turned by him,’ is Guardiola’s response.)

I believe the writing is on the wall already for RDM. Let’s not kid ourselves and start hoping for him to stay. It is now a matter of when he will be sacked. The players know this already which might be affecting their performance on the pitch. I am sure some fans know this already.


1.) RDM will be paid termination payments.

2.) Player decisions – We know the type of coach Pep is, but how many of our players will fit into Pep’s system? Does he want Mazacar? Which striker? Which of our defenders are not threatened? What’s the future of John Terry? Does he even like midfielders like Ramires, Lampard or Mikel? Not just our starting XI players, but even our academy players. Josh, Piazon, KDB, Lukaku etc…What’s their future? Is Lukaku a Pep type player?

3.) Mid-season hire or summer – Reading approaches of Rafa Benitez has been made yet again for a short term solution until Roman is able to secure Pep, but this could be messy as well. Don’t see Rafa doing it unless Rafa will take such to boost his resume for a next job.

No doubt one would see an immediate boost due to making minor corrections that we aren’t making and just the mere fact of having a change in the locker room. But how long will that last? Till another slump in November? Rather than building this team properly….Adding appropriate depths in the striking departments, the proper CMs and defenders, we are about to spend fortunes again firing and hiring another coach.

Should we start the countdown to fire Pep already?