Date: 27th April 2019 at 9:23am
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Back in the summer, when Chelsea signed Mateo Kovacic on loan, his arrival caused quite a stir.

As a youngster, the Real Madrid player had created a reputation as someone who could become one of the best midfielders in the world.

But, somewhere down the line, the Croatian appeared to have lost his way.

The move to Chelsea was, it was hoped, resurrect his fading career whilst also see Chelsea prosper from his availability.

However, to be brutally honest, it hasn’t happened.

I’m probably not alone in thinking that the 24-year-old brings next to nothing to the side.

Therefore, I’m hoping that Chelsea don’t, if our two-transfer window ban allows, follow up on something that has appeared in the red-top publication, the Daily Star, this morning.

Our quoted source is inferring that Real Madrid have offered Chelsea the services of Kovacic for a second season.

But if Chelsea do accept the offer there is a catch.

A second season on loan would mean that Chelsea would have to purchase, following that second season on loan, the player for a fee of £26 million.

My view, here at Vital Chelsea, is that we should wave goodbye to Kovacic, come to the end of the season, giving our own youngsters the chance to shine.

Is that a view you concur with?

Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment facility beneath this article.

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34 Replies to “Please Don’t Do It Chelsea Please Don’t Do It”

  • 1 simple answer….let him go, we have enough youth to rebuild and depending on the outcome of out transfer appeal enough money to buy a few quality players if and when were allowed

  • Transfer ban or not let him go so that we can promote and develops our academy graduates with him and others we are not guaranteed fourth place.

  • I wouldn’t mind if he stays as a squad player. There are some matches which he impact greatly. I prefer him to Barkley.

    • He shud stay. Manz A genuars n beenda bst playa in da park for sure. U sofa surfing fans no nuttin

    • I so agree with you he is far better than Barkley’s I think she should stay with more playing time he will be good ..kovacic gat moves

  • Personally; I will restore KANTE back to the CDM position, retain KOVACIC to be his backup option and loan out AMPADU.
    Frankly, it’s not too bad if AMPADU still stays on loan for 2 to 3 seasons before breaking into the first team. We are just mounting unnecessary pressure on couches to play the academy graduates, see Loftus-Cheek, he’s finally in the first team and never too late at 22. As good as Mount is now, Luftus-Cheek was better than him when he was 20.

  • Sessegnon is the only U19 player to start more EPL games than Hudson-Odoi and we all are still saying he didn’t have a chance. An U18 player tendering transfer request is a slap on a club like Chelsea’s face, that wouldn’t have happened during the days of Ballack and co when even Ballack sit on the becnh sometimes. As much as I’m also an advocate of giving our homegrown more playing time, the problem Chelsea has now is just beyond that, let’s make Chelsea great again, let the people in Charge buy great world class player and better Couch who has passion for the club, not mediocre players like Zappacosta,Drinkwater,Barkley and co and not a couch like sari who will never play to the strength of his players and the league he is

  • His performance is wanting. Kante to be restored to his position. it’s the highest time Chelsea should give chance to their youngsters. patience should also be exercised to the young talents. There are so many players that are pivotal in their teams now yet Chelsea sold them coz Chelsea felt they could not meet the required standards. look at the likes of Salah, Debryuine and their current performance

  • Let dat Croatian go plss
    Let play blues game alone no from madrid to blues game
    Let Chelsea shine alone and call home tammy Abraham quick

  • Higuain and jorginho should go out of Chelsea squad next season
    Also we need to maintain our laon strikers
    KOJO Kaunte should be in the CDM for next season

  • kovasic should stay he is good let’s give him a chance next season he will adapt to EPL style of play. he is even a better marker than Jiorginho and Bakley

  • You’re 100% right…he offers nothing to the squad. Apparently he’s talking to Zenit…perfect,let him go there. Useless

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