Date: 19th July 2015 at 12:01pm
Written by:

When Jose holds court, the media world listens.

Over in Montreal, as Chelsea Football Club prepares for its first pre-season fixture, Jose Mourinho had the media newshounds eating out of the palm of his hands with some wonderful answers to what many people might perceive are ordinary questions.

One question saw an enterprising journalist ask Jose if he was going to sign the Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, with Jose looking straight ahead and enigmatically replying,

“There are things you can do and things you cannot.

“I would like to buy the Eiffel Tower but I can`t have the Eiffel Tower in my garden. I can`t even have the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas.”

And with that stunning reply the journalist was rendered speechless.

Absolutely marvellous Jose!

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