Date: 7th February 2018 at 8:32pm
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More poll housekeeping is in order. Off the back of the poor recent run of results, we ran some polls in connection with Chelsea`s owner Roman Abramovich who`s coming under increasing pressure on this forum for his lack of support for Antonio Conte.

Having discovered that 84% of us thought that Abramovich was not good for Chelsea`s future, we asked what type of owner we would like to take our club forward. We gave you three choices, and they were based on the owners of the current top seven clubs.

⦁ A free spending owner for whom money is no object!
⦁ An owner who gives the manager 100% control!
⦁ An owner who retains the manager whatever!

So the first option was based on the ownership of the two Manchester clubs. In fact you could also say it was the Roman Abramovich that first brought Chelsea back in 2003. Having lamented the Russian for his lack of spending 75% of us want that type of owner. So the cycle begins again.

The second option could only be based on one club and one manager. Arsene Wenger probably makes the tea and cuts up the half time oranges at the Emirates, so in control of Arsenal is he. 23% of us wanted that type of owner looking after Chelsea.

The final choice based on the Tottenham and Liverpool model allows the manager any number of years in charge, achieving nothing, but getting the full support of the owner and gushing praise from a sycophantic media. Just 2% of us wanted a long term manager delivering no trophies.

So all we actually want is Roman Abramovich 1.0, not the upgraded Abramovich 2.0. Maybe we can just roll him back. Ideally, I suppose the ideal is a cross between the all three options. An owner who is prepared to spend the money a manager needs to buy the players he wants and who is given the time he needs to make it all work.

With that combo, you get Manchester United through the nineties and into the noughties, with Martin Edwards over seeing Sir Alex Ferguson. That`s the true model and undoubtedly, it works.


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  • So, they’re right about us being “plastic”, then. Awesome. Too bad you didn’t include any good options. Everything that was asked was extreme. Why do we have to be in the extreme?

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