Date: 16th January 2018 at 8:21am
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Following another 0-0 draw at the weekend, there was a degree of unrest amongst Chelsea supporters as once again they failed to score.

At Stamford Bridge there were boos around the pitch, at the end of the game. Something that Thibaut Courtois didn`t fail to notice, saying post match, that the fans should get behind the team. We decided to ask where, us fans, think the problem lies with our football club. The question we asked was,

If there is a problem at Chelsea, where does it lie?

We gave you four options,

⦁ The Board
⦁ The Manager
⦁ The Players
⦁ The Fans

The result was a bit of a surprise. On what is basically a fans forum, the answer we voted for?? first place was??.ourselves. The Fans polled nearly half of the votes cast with 48%

So there, you have no one else but to blame but yourselves for the mess Chelsea are in, (assuming Chelsea are in a mess, which we don`t believe at Vital Chelsea).

Next up in the blame game, were The Players. They polled 31% of the votes. Personally, I`d have made these guys No.1 in this poll, they`ve proven football ability, no one can affect a performance more than those playing the game. We know they`re good.

Next in line came?..The Board with just 18% of the votes. That`s a surprise. With the lack of decent signings that they`ve made in recent windows, they`ve got away with one there.

And, finally, the one person to which we attribute the least blame in the mess Chelsea are/are not in, is??.The manager who grabbed 3% of the votes. Antonio Conte can walk out to training today with his head held high knowing the Vital Chelsea readership blame him the least for the clubs alleged troubles.


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