Date: 1st March 2013 at 1:31pm
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I don’t need to point out the obvious, we all saw Rafa`s rant.

Controversially I’d like to agree with ONE point he made. Booing and jeering Rafa isn`t going to help the team. Yes I agree and understand that we as fans pay enough money to watch them play and travel to away days, missing work and family time etc. So we can chant and sing what we want.

At first I was all for it, Robbie going was harsh but was anyone really surprised? Rafa wasn’t wanted, he is the proverbial enemy of Chelsea Football Club. But when does the booing stop?

I think now some fans just think it`s cool to boo and jeer him. He gets the point, he even said he’s gone at the end of the season (hopefully sooner) so get behind the players. They’re are the ones on the pitch playing.

If they don’t like Rafa either then play for us, the fans. So let`s say Rafa goes tomorrow? Or after ‘el Sackico’ against West Brom, who comes in?

I’d like the legend that is Gianfranco Zola or Gus Poyet. Good young managers and Chelsea men through and through. That’s we need, that’s what we needed last year, we got it through Robbie and he won us the FA Cup and The Holy Grail of club football, the European Cup. Then faces bad results he was gone. Yeah ok he wasn’t meant to get the job and he was ‘interim’ as well. But as a reward he got an extra few months.

Roman wants us to be top all season and win all the trophies but that’s not going to happen, we want to be competitive and look like a team who can challenge for every title, not a circus of a club who sacks manager after manager. A club who’s chairman signs players and when it’s not working he’s too stubborn to realize.

A club who in Frank Lampard have one of the top three greatest midfielders in Premier League history and arguably our best player ever who could easily play for two more years and they are hesitating to give him a deal.

I mean seriously!

My point is Rafa is the tip of the iceberg, yes he needs to go, but whoever comes in is on borrowed time and will have to beat to Romans drum. If Josè comes back how long will his welcome party last before it goes sour?

I’d love him back but it won’t solve our problems on the board. Put the Chelsea back in to Chelsea, give Zola or Gus a call and let them pick the team and run the club. Give them time! Have patients. Can’t see it, if all else’s fails give Roman a track suit and let him do it.