Date: 18th September 2017 at 9:09pm
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Listening to the popular sports radio station Talksport this morning, I have to admit to being somewhat taken aback by an interview that took place with ex-Chelsea captain Ray ‘Butch` Wilkins.Talking to Breakfast Show stalwart Alan Brazil, Wilkins was asked his opinion on the tackle that saw David Luiz dismissed following his rash tackle on Saed Kolasinac. The opinion of the former Blues coach, in my opinion, beggars belief. I`m not sure what his agenda is, but he certainly seems to have turned away from being Mr. Chelsea in recent months.

Taking the quote directly from the Talksport Website this is what he said,

“It was an atrocious tackle. He either wants to hurt Kolasinac, or he`s afraid. I`ll go for the latter. He saw him coming towards him and thought, ‘wow, this fella is a giant` and he basically wet himself. Kolasinac went to the floor, his boots never came off the ground, he just went for the ball. If Luiz had done that there would have been nothing wrong. It`s on the halfway line for goodness sake.”

Wilkins left Chelsea during Carlo Ancelotti`s time in the Stamford Bridge hotseat, Google offers a host of reasons for his sudden departure. Despite that though he still seemed to have an affinity towards his former club. That appears to have gone out of the window and he seems to have lost the plot somewhat.

To say Luiz ‘wet himself` is ridiculous, rude and disrespectful in the extreme. It`s an unprofessional analysis of the incident by someone who should know better. He`s had issues recently with alcoholism, which he has openly discussed on Talksport and hopefully addressed. But, he ought to lay-off trying to sensationalise in order to feather his own media nest.

Whatever his gripes with those at Chelsea, and it`s true we can all be critical of our own club, his place in the media spotlight has to be, if not impartial, at least measured.

Luiz didn`t ‘wet himself`, he simply made a stupid, rash, reckless challenge for which he was rightly given a red card. He will miss the next three Premier League games, away at Stoke City, at home to Manchester City and away at Crystal Palace.

It`s a shame ‘Butch` has turned his back in his former club in such a vindictive way, the ‘young man` who also played for Manchester United seems to have turned to Jose Mourinho and the Reds as his ‘new club`, hopefully they`ll all be very happy.


14 Replies to “Ray Wilkins Falls Out Of Love With Chelsea”

  • Gave him a good gig, had to sack him because of his (drinking ??? drinking on the job ??? ). Now he is acting like an ingrate. Every two bit pundit is hitching themselves to chequebook Pullis, and the United bandwagon , just as chequebook Pullis himself is ranking up his snarky remarks about us, or playing oppressed victim . Funny really Butch Wilkins and Chequebook Pullis, two former legends (CBP for his first term only really ) now dead to us as we march on .

  • He’s a disgraced former employee who’s a drunk and a hack. Won’t waste another thought on anything this clown has to say. He’s just performing for drinking money.

  • Why should any Chelsea fan listen to this bald f***? Why? He’s had more anti Chelsea rants than everyone else.

  • The first of the suspensions should be observed in the carabao cup against Nottingham forest..His return will be against crystal palace

  • The first few years after he was sacked – presumably for drinking – he was still pretty pro Chelsea. However recently he has become very bitter and hardly has a good word to say about anything Chelsea do. I don’t really know why he has changed his attitude. It might be he gets paid more media money for slagging Chelsea and being pro Man Utd.

  • This may not be a popular view but does anyone else think that techlec2000 is being just a tad over sensitive here? Please don’t turn Vital Chelsea into a “PC” site, I thought it was for debate and if that doesn’t mean different opinions shouldn’t be tolerated, whether from members or the subjects (of the debate), then we’ll all be the poorer for it. Clearly David got something very wrong, but split second decisions are what football is all about. I doubt that even the Geezer knows exactly what was going through his mind in that instant. Move on.

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