Date: 9th August 2014 at 11:38am
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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho apparently still can’t get over
the charm of Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard, that sometimes you begin to wonder just why oh why he allowed him to end up at Manchester City albeit via New York City in the first place.

The portuguese enigma whilst speaking to a certain Rio Ferdinand in an interview for BT Sport recently has been
quoted by the Independent as saying:

“Frank is Frank, he is irreplaceable, no chance. We have to forget Frank because as you know he is a very special man
but very, very special player.”

The Special One then went on to say that Fàbregas, the former Arsenal captain, was not signed to replace the legend but for his [Cesc’s] own distinctive qualities:

“I think we can never say, in spite of Cesc, who is a fantastic player as you know, you can never say, ‘This guy is coming to replace Frank`, because Frank is Frank.

“One day he [Lampard] will be with Peter Osgood in a statue because he`s fantastic,” Mourinho insisted.

“Fàbregas is the player we need to modify a little bit the profile of our game, which we need. We want to give the next dimension to our game in midfield and Fàbregas is this kind of player which I like to call ‘the 7′, because he`s not the 6 and he`s not the 8.

“Normally the 7 is the winger, I also call the 7 the guy in midfield who`s not the 6, he`s not the 8. Or he`s a 6 and 8 at the same time. So he`s a 7 and we need him a lot.”


Well a statue up there with Osgood? Oh, good!

What a damned good recommendation, you’d say, which leads us just nicely to the million-dollar question: Why didn’t Jose or someone do his utmost to keep Lampard with us, as it once appeared the legend was harbouring designs of doing a Ryan Giggsy with us?

Or, if you will, as Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been criticizing the move which the player calls a ‘fantastic opportunity’:

Where will Wenger rather have Lampard?

Can someone frankly come up with a Frank answer?