Date: 17th July 2018 at 5:00pm
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With pre-season back underway and with a new man at the managerial helm, we’re all eagerly anticipating the new season.

As usual, optimism levels are high as we contemplate some silverware coming our way this season after all it is something we’re used to is it not?

But, here at Vital Chelsea, we’re also realistic enough to accept that we’re entering a period of transition and that nobody really knows how we’ll perform under the managerial acumen of Maurizio Sarri.

After taking his first training session and with the squad set to journey to Australia shortly for a friendly against Perth Glory, Sarri has given his first interview since being confirmed as the boss.

In it, and as reported by the BBC, Sarri comes across as somebody who is desperate to do well at the club with the following paragraph catching our eye:

“First of all, I want to play my football, I want to enjoy myself. And probably I want also to win something. With one or two adjustments we can try to play my football. It’s impossible in my job to promise something but I surely would give all my possessions to win something with Chelsea.”

Now that’s the fighting talk we want to hear, Sarri may not have won a major trophy yet but what’s to say he can’t break that duck with Chelsea?

Here at Vital Chelsea, we’re heralding it as the dawn of a new era, how about you?

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9 Replies to “Sarri Comes Up With Some Impressive Words In His Latest Interview”

  • Comment.pls don’t make any attemp to sell willian is going to be a good product for our new manager and for Morata he is going to be a fine striker under Sarri,just give him a good striker to play with.

  • Who cares? The idiot manchild Abramovich has spent £89 million in managerial payouts, because he’s too dumb to back a manager’s philosophy, rather than his own. In essence, that makes the “sacked manager”, the club’s record signing. This clown is just going to drive that figure up. He could be the world’s best manager, and I’d have nothing but indifference towards him. It’s sort of like getting a pet, and knowing that your family is going to eat it for Christmas dinner. Why invest any sort of emotion into it?

    • C’mon Solid, we’ve heralded the dawn of so many new eras under RA’s ownership what is one more? Win a trophy or two, fire the manger, repeat! Kudos to each manager that signs a 3 year deal expecting that they will be gone after 2. If the club is stupid enough to do that instead of funding players with the money there’s no point in complaining.

      Let’s face it nothing will change until they hire Lampard and Terry then fire them after 2 seasons, then and maybe only then, will supporters not show up and actually voice their displeasure by not paying! Until then we live with the managerial merry-go-round.

  • Relative to your comments, Derrick, I was actually cheering Antonio Conte. He actually made Abramovich look silly. He didn’t take the bait, and didn’t let Dear Leader beat him at the game. Much respect. On the other hand, I am not cool with this club being treated like a brothel, either. I NEVER want to see another legend of the game take the reins under this owner.

  • Morata should be sold to bring in icardi and kante stay for another season.

  • which is more painfull not trusting youths players for another to buy and make stars of them or trusting them for then and even sending a legend away just for them to behave like courtoir.

  • Conte – “Work”
    Sarri – “Fun”
    Could there be a bigger contrast ?
    Hopefully It’s the dawn of a new era …. i certainly welcome the new manager & wish him all the best !!

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