Date: 11th February 2019 at 7:44am
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I’m in a sombre mood this morning!

A night of interrupted sleep has done nothing to ease the humiliation I felt at seeing Chelsea capitulate at the Etihad Stadium, against Manchester City.

At the moment, I really do fear for our future as we hit a plethora of difficult fixtures this month.

Even more so with Maurizio Sarri, seemingly, out of his depth and unable to come up with a Plan B.

After the rout yesterday, a rout that could have been even heavier if Manchester City had taken all their chances, Sarri did little to convince me that things will improve.

Talking to Sky Sports and as reported by the BBCSarri provided some wonderful lines, including:

“In the last three matches away we’ve played very badly so we need to say sorry.”

Sorry isn’t half of the story, the last three away games in the Premier League have produced three heavy defeats with Chelsea shipping 13 goals and scoring 0.

Continuing, when asked if he thought he was in danger of becoming the latest Chelsea manager to be axed, he commented:

“I don’t know.

“You are asking me about something which is not my job. I am worried about our performances, not about the club. You’d have to ask the club.”

Will the club wield the axe?

Is enough, enough?

Or will Sarri be given more time to drag us further down before somebody realises that he really isn’t the man for the job?

Now I’ve had my say, please feel free to have yours by dropping your views into the comment facility beneath this article.

Let’s hope we can get a healthy debate going.

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12 Replies to “Sarri Says Sorry But Is That Enough To Placate An Angry Support?”

  • for me what I can say is, the big issue must have with the coach I think he must go because in 3 games away we won nothing,

  • Italian style football in a pacy more powerful league just wont work our defence and holding mid protection in front of it is a shambles when playing good opposition
    Like everyone else I fear the worse

  • Sarri is not sorry about anything. Look at the way he has treated the young lad Odoi, when there was an opportunity for the boy to leave the club for Munich he gave him a few playing minutes just to avoid backlash from fans and the board, now the transfer window closes and the cannot even find a place on the bench. The whole world is telling him including best of coaches that Chelsea have the best holding midfielder in Kante but him alone sees different football which exists in his dreams and persists with chosen player whom he can substitute when Chelsea is comfortable. Truthfully I don’t see Chelsea sacking him because of the length of contract he signed. Unfortunately age is not on his side he should have already reached his peak by this time, I don’t see him driving Chelsea to the top. His flesh is becoming weaker to carry out the desires of his heart.

  • The problem is sarri’s stubbornness in continue playing of alonso on the left, jorginho in the midfield… The guy is not a footballer, no decisive pass, zero creativity, no pace no strength……bench him and restore kante to his natural position

  • I’m honestly opinion is sarri is a good coach but i don’t like this tactics. For me kante should move to his original position where he should play. Sarri should have started with wllian and not Pedro. If Chelsea continues playing like that there is no chance Chelsea will qualify for uefa champion league for next season

  • I said previously, this man called Sarri was good for nothing. My eyebrows were raised from the moment our board decided to bring in this guy who clearly didn’t even fulfill the criteria that we are used to by now, of CFC bringing in a proven winner as a coach. What did Sarri win in his entire life as a coach? And on top of that our board was warned about the man desire of taking the CFC job just to make his bank account healthier, not because he really cares about our team or because he is a better coach than all the previous we had since Roman Abramovich era. But still the board went on to appoint him and give him a healthy 3 years contract.
    Look at us now? Being beaten by Man City 6-0 as if we are a small 3rd division team playing the Almighty Man City. Where is our pride? Does Sarri cares about that? Does Sarri cares about the financial repercussions of such a shame. My kids don’t even want to wear their CFC shirts anymore as they are being daunted by friends at school. If a thousand or a million potential shirts cannot be sold anymore like that because right now putting them on is a subject of shame, how much CFC is going to miss to catch on financially speaking only on that example. All our previous coaches had their flaws, but not to let our pride goes so low by letting the team being beaten 6-0, on top of that whilst we are having very very talented players, world class players in the squad.

    So Sarri just has to be sacked, as he was a mistake from the start and him staying on will have huge financial consequences for the club than firing him and paying him the remainder of his contract because clearly he has proven that what he came to our team for.

  • I mean he has proven that he came to our team just for the money, not because of any desire to take us forward. Our team is a laughing stock now from where Mourhino and Conté left it. Not a single sign of improvement at all. He can also take away his Jorginho with as he is not at the level of being CFC player. We have far better player than that useless lad.

  • Everyone is complaining about sarri football but no one ever noticed the players fault…. sarri has no problem yet it’s a new philosophy his bringing to Chelsea, it won’t be easy to adapt, he needs time and Chelsea must bear with the best coach in modern football…. sarri we are grateful to have u…

  • The problem isn’t Sarri, per se. Just like it’s never been the managers before him (this is my recurring theme). Indeed, Sarri was chosen for his propensity to be a useful idiot. He’s the one who doesn’t talk back to the master. The real problem is an owner who has no vision, past making a name for himself. For Dear Leader Abramovich, this club is more about personal prestige, than sporting pride. He has absolutely no clue how to build a football dynasty, as he can’t seem to decide whether he wants to run it like a corporation, or treat it as an entity that’s merely meant for him to absolutely control. I wish so much for this owner to disappear, and be replaced by someone with a positively progressive mindset.

  • @Oseni : speak for only yourself. It is a fool that speaks on behalf of others, even in the face of vocal dissent.

  • Well this is what we get for firing a world class serial winner in Conte, just for the sake of changing coaches. I am all for let’s pick a coach and back him, but that argument stood for me when it came to Conte. What has Sarri done to warrant this blind support.

  • I’m afraid sarri isn’t up to it he has never coached abroad and this league is nothing like Italy.But it’s chelseas current regimes fault for thinking he could.what needs to happen for the good of the club is sell the club to the billionaire in London who offered money for the club in the summer then he could put a proper board in place where a football structure could be put in place giving opportunities to young players and new managers alike with a descent balanced transfer youth and scouting policy.with this in place we may even get more positive media coverage how can a man who can’t even get in the country run our club well basically he isn’t is he our whole structure is how not to run a club if a new owner did come in then I don’t care if it takes a few trophy less years we need to steady this ship it’s a mess which nobody can deny

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