Date: 11th July 2018 at 8:39am
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But things could be about to get complicated.

With those players not on international duty at the World Cup or on vacation after their tournament exertions, back at Cobham for pre-season training and being put through their paces by Antonio Conte, it still remains to be seen who will be in charge come the start of the season.

We’re all perfectly aware that media speculation continues to suggest that the former Napoli boss, Maurizio Sarri, is still being linked with the role, however one news vehicle has come up with an interesting scenario.

The good folk at the news source, Football London, are reporting that the Italian has stipulated, to Roman Abramovich, that he will only take on the role if the owner guarantees that both Eden Hazard and Willian remain at the club.

Clearly, Sarri has his own vision with regards to taking Chelsea forward and the aforementioned duo are obviously set for key roles.

But, with transfer speculation continuing to link Hazard and Willian,

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it remains to be seen whether Sarri gets his wish.

Also, if either of the duo are sold, could Chelsea be left in limbo with regards to their managerial plans?

It’s a complicated path the club have been treading this summer and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to get any easier does it!

Personally, the longer the uncertainty goes on regarding who will occupy the managerial hot-seat this coming season goes on, the more I’m of the belief that Antonio Cont will remain in charge.

But, is it a view you concur with?

Please feel free to drop your views into the comments facility beneath this article.

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22 Replies to “Sarri Stipulates One Condition Relating To Him Taking The Chelsea Role”

  • I see no reason conte should be sack as Chelsea manager.
    Is a young man and knows how to control players on like a 59 year old man who has never coach in england before, I think conte is still OK by me.

    • Really?
      BATSUAY and list goes on
      what of all our young players we were ready to see coming up ?
      you need to open up your eyes , there is obvious no harmony in the team, he plays negative tactics on regular bases , we are always exposed with his rigidity , he doesn’t need to make tactical changes when needed, if he does ,do it very late. our team is full of winners he cant motivate the team any more why should he stay?

      • Very good points but you failing to remember this has been going on forever and if the actual problem. Isn’t addressed it will continue. PEP had problems with yahaya, aguero etc but the team didnt colapse, jose had problems with mikytarhya, pogba etc teamn didnt collapse. So why should chelsea case be the same always. It happened to jose, happened to AVB, scolari, ancelotti etc. If chelsea doesnt address this it will continue and sarri will end up same way.

  • I will love to see sarri at Chelsea because for a player not having relationship with is coach is bad in a big club….. Let forget about keeping malice conte is still good coach but the players did not like him is will be better for our board to look for a solution to it before we lose all our big players by losing them we need to boost our account by getting a good quality players who can replace them. I will prefer sarri to come in conte to go out

  • Get Me Sarri And Harzard William Will Stay Or Be Ready To Buy Their Replacement For A 250 Million

  • i expect a massive exodus if Conte stays, he has killed players ability to fight for him, no love no loyalty seen anymore, players are not happy, they are only serving their contracts not fighting for him.
    how can you build your team on Bakayoko really? It make me sick seeing Bakayoko in that blue jersy

  • Conte should be axed for the good of Chelsea players no longer like him and did you see the formation he used against huddersfield?
    Also remember Watford beating Chelsea and bounemouth also beating Chelsea hands down and he is also rude damn bring in sarri

  • Please get us a new Coach. Conte should go he has done his best but not good enough for us Chelsea Fc.

    • we call him 80minutes coach. he substitute once its,40minutes. that’s tactical ineptitude. bring on Sari

  • Conte should leave than our key players,because he is not in unity so that the club can stand to win trophies he choose those to love and hate those he don’t have to.please i want to se sarri before friday.

  • What is all this about Chelsea is too ungrateful. Conte’s summer transfer plan was denied to see the day of life yet the tried and gave as a trophy.This new coach will be sacked before the end of the season mark my words if the deal goes true

  • Honestly I don’t understand Chelsea fc. Why does it take so long to sign a single player? It’s obvious they need to strengthen the squad and they aren’t doing anything. Manchester City won the league yet they’re still buying and adding quality players to their very compact team. The Chelsea board are truly sleeping. I think buy now we should have almost finished with buying players and a manager. I am really disappointed and dissatisfied. I hope the board get their acts right.

  • Conte has to leave.with many reasons.i can’t watch willian hazard playing in another club. I watch Napoli game almost every week, and I like there playing style, sarri all the way

  • How can a professional coach like Conte, play 38 matches with one tactics ? I don’t talk about Champions League nor FA Cup, I’m only talking about EPL. What makes him a professional. Conte is a quick tempered man???? , plz dear let him go OK.

  • Comment. no more unity among the coach and the player if Chelsea don’t want to go relegation pls give us new coach up blues

  • There is no doubt that Chelsea needs a new coach as Conte presently has issues with many of the players and no sane coach will like to see the key players of the club he is coming to manage being sold and jump up for joy. He has to say which and which player he want or does not need before any sale is considered.

  • I just want to say the needful. Chelsea owner, Roman should develop positive attitude that will always enhance good result for Chelsea. He should respect the opinion of the vast Chelsea fans world wide, & should be grateful with the fans who has passionately stood by his club. He owes Chelsea fans buying of excellent players, & should give listening ears to coaches under his employment. Should maximize transfer windows positively. Should sell our club to someone like Dangote who will passionately improve the club. The board should encourage our coaches too, & not deny them of player demand. Conte should pay the last sacrifice by leaving, sack or willingly. Henceforth the management of Chelsea should do the needful as at when due. Get us Sarri so we can keep our best guys on the block

  • Say’s for me if we are looking for what is happen for premier league nowadays, I whould love seeing conte be the manager of Chelsea next season,cos one clubs can not donate league in two season.if we can notice now man city are champions for now but next season will be another club. so we can not compare premier league with others like seria A and Spain Barca and Madrid, so we should consider conte to continue is job “Up Blues”

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