Date: 29th July 2018 at 1:28pm
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Please don’t remind me of just how much Chelsea paid to secure the services of Danny Drinkwater, from Leicester City.

I know someone, somewhere, had the idea that reuniting Drinkwater with N’Golo Kante and recreating the midfield duo that drove Leicester City to a surprise Premier League title in 2015 / 2016 was the game-plan but it only ever stood a chance of happening if Drinkwater was given the chance to show what he can do, but he wasn’t was he?

Now, with Chelsea having brought in Jorginho and also looking, if the speculation is correct, to add Aaron Ramsey to the squad, Click Here, the future of Danny Drinkwater looks to be away from Stamford Bridge.

Today, the news source,

Is inferring that Drinkwater has a variety of clubs to choose from if he is indeed shown the door, with Southampton, Crystal Palace and Leicester City getting honourable mentions.

Now whilst, in the article text above, I may have been critical of the Drinkwater signing, I would like to point out that in no way do I lay any of the blame for this debacle at Drinkwater’s feet. Like many a player, given the chance to shine for Chelsea, you’d naturally jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Drinkwater wasn’t to know, after putting pen-to-paper on what was probably a very lucrative contract, he’d see very little meaningful first-team action.

Whatever happens in the days before the transfer window closes, we wish Danny all the best, sometimes moves just don’t work out, do they!


11 Replies to “Sometimes Moves Just Don’t Work Out Ask Danny Drinkwater”

  • I feel bad for the lad. I reckon he would’ve been decent in the England midfield – way ahead of Delph anyway. He was so good for Leicester, I hope to see more of him in future. Hopefully, his head hasn’t sunk too much.

  • Not his fault but another average player & a waste of money, should never have been signed. Barkley also fits that mould. Another fine example on how to haemorrhage money. Bye bye.

  • No, it’s not his fault. It’s the fault of the stupid owner and club decision makers, who would rather barely adhere to the FA rules, than actually build a team that works. Do we honestly believe that we’d have any English players at all, if it were up to Dear Leader? Our English contingent is ONLY about meeting the required quotas! Same story for the token youth players, who will get almost zero time on the pitch. They’re just there to meet the academy/homegrown quota.

  • Anyway, not to worry it’s all sorted, we are now playing for “fun” see how long that lasts. The revolving managerial door may not even get time to rest this season.

  • If we’re just playing for “fun”, we might as well just claim our participation medal now… Give the lads a rest. Wouldn’t want their multi-million pound asses to get tired, or not ‘enjoy’ themselves…

  • I just pity him
    And many others thre not given a chance to play
    Chelsea will regret for not giving there players time to play like they did to Kevin Debrone ,Nemanja Magic and many other’s.

  • @Muzzaffar – you have the wrong club. No players by those names have ever played for Chelsea.

  • You’re wasting your time solid7, you’ll only frustrate yourself even more, does my fecking head in.

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