Date: 20th November 2019 at 9:12am
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Well, well, well, did anybody see that coming?

Not me for one but hell it’s happened and I can’t stop chuckling.

If Jose Mourinho joining Manchester United taught me anything it was that all that ‘fake’ talk about Mourinho loving our club, our tradition, our support and our heritage, was just that, talk.

Now, with Tottenham Hotspur having had the mother of all kneejerk reactions and sacked Mauricio Pochettino, they’ve taken a huge gamble on employing a manager who, let’s not forget, been booted out of his last two clubs for, to put it mildly, abject failure.

Of course, the initial reaction will be how could the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ join Tottenham Hotspur, but look on the bright side.

In sacking Pochetinno the N17 based outfit have removed any last hope of becoming London’s best club.

Mourinho will breeze into North London, a smile affixed to that familiar face claiming it was always his desire to manage Spurs.

He’ll assess the squad, decide to go and spend big, ask for more money to spend bigger, watch on as his side splutter and then fail, suffer the abuse cascading down from the terraces and then, as he was at Old Trafford, be shown the door with a large pay-off.

And to think that unwashed lot from N17 laughed when we appointed Frank Lampard!

He who laughs last laughs longest doesn’t the saying go?

Mourinho Joining Spurs, Initial Thoughts!

He's A Traitor!

He's A Traitor!

I Wish Him Luck, He'll Need It!

I Wish Him Luck, He'll Need It!

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3 Replies to “Spurs Shock Football And Appoint Chelsea’s Yesterday Man”

  • First he goes to manc Utd now that shower one thing for sure the game before Xmas at their place is going to be difficult he will set up not to get beaten but don’t worry he will soon upset a lot of their players and fans and then get sacked with a big payout

  • He was a top manager & he might well galvanize sorry Spurs and get them back in the hunt for Top-4. While i hope he fails to do so, i wouldn’t start laughing just yet.

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