Date: 26th January 2013 at 2:13pm
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I know many have heard this said time and again and i also know that many here dont rate Rafa at all but i just wanted to post this link for those who are interestd to read;

These are very recent comments from our interim manager.
Much as many love to hate the guy..the truth is compared to the members on our board and our owner Rafa has way more experience and knowledge about football matters and this is what he thinks.

It exactly mirrors what i and several others here have been saying this entire month. Roman and his three Amigos can choose to ignore the interims thoughts on this matter because after all he is just and interim and not favored by the Chelsea FC fanbase anyway.
We have only 5 days left in this window, the same board and ownership have decided to recall none of our 23 plus players on fact they added one more; Piazon and were actually contemplating sending out another; Marin. Thankfully Hazards suspension should have halted that suicidal thinking.

The point is with the game congestion coming once the Europa league reopens no coach whether he is called Rafa, Jose or Pep can succesfully manage a squad as thin as ours and compete effectively on all three fronts…something will need to give.

If i were Rafa and nothing changes i would just field a team of all youth players in the Europa league and hope they get bounced out post haste. I know Roman and his Amigos frankly could care less about the Europa league anyway. He however is trying to embellish his CV pending his summer departure so i doubt this will happen and i really fear as he further burdens our already tired first team players with the Europa league in addition to FA cup ties we will face injuries, worsening fatigue and further drop in quality on the field no matter the formation he chooses.

The bottom line is if we continue on this path a top 3 finish will be in serious jeopardy..I dont want to sound like an alarmist or a broken record saying the same thing again and again but the only Coach we have right now who works with our boys day in day out agrees. I think it is time Roman and the board listen to someone who knows more about these matters than they do.