Date: 1st February 2013 at 9:10am
Written by:

Honestly speaking, I don’t get it!

We have dropped points on so many occasions that it has become the norm. You can almost count on us to capitulate at the end of games now. Some would speculate that it’s because of the appointment of RAFA and some might say it`s the players or bad luck or whatever.

In my own estimation, we are all to blame. You don’t have to agree with me, it`s just my opinion. The Board is culpable for not considering the Rafa fallout with fans and its potential to cause a disruption in team spirit.

For me, RAFA was brought in to get Fernando firing. However, it’s my humble view that Fernando’s problem is personal, he has lost his passion, plain and simple. His body language is that of a deer caught in front of a hunter .

Secondly, for players, the majority of whom just went through the gruelling experience of winning the Champions League, I have not seen one iota of passion and desire to play for the badge on the shirt. I mean really play heart and soul for the fans, for self-respect, for the love of the game, except from Ashley Cole, Petr Cech, Ramires and Mata.

I purposely didn’t mention Frank and JT because I don’t think that I have the right to question them after what they have done for Chelsea Football Club.

Our club’s professionalism and standing are being questioned, what will be our response. Thirdly, we the FANS, well personally I don’t care for Rafa just as a lot of other fans but in as much as he holds the mantle of Coach of THIS Football Club, I will treat him professionally and wish him the very best, not berate him at every turn and abuse him constantly.

It`s not an appointment that would seem ideal but at the end of the day if he fails, Chelsea fails. It stands to reason that if you like me value and love this club you would want it to succeed regardless of the Coach.

So I take this opportunity to ask all Chelsea Fans all over the world to band together, STOP THE ABUSE and SUPPORT OUR BELOVED BLUES , SUPPORT RAFA and in the end our storied Club will benefit. One Heart, One Body, One Resolve, One CHELSEA!

Your comments would be appreciated.