Date: 11th November 2012 at 3:31pm
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With an article today (11.11.2012) in the Daily Mail about “Citeh” possibly wanting to sell Mario Balotelli got me thinking about Chelsea`s current striker situation.

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Now Torres I still like and even now I think he will get better and perhaps really deliver what he has been promising or rather what we think he should be providing. We have been saying this for quite a while but then he is not totally disappointing is he?

His skill on the ball when he gets it still world class and I don`t think that he can be really criticized for what he brings to the team. He still scores goals, not as many as we would like and he does look a bit off the pace but nevertheless he is not that bad that he should be left out. I think he is still worth his place in the team.

And we only have Daniel Sturridge to replace him. Now Daniel is ok but when we look at Man. Utd`s strike force of 4 top class forwards our two don`t compare at the moment. Daniel is not yet a favourite at the Bridge and he still has to somewhat live down his “selfishness” tag although I think he has improved on that when he has played recently.

But let`s face it he is not (yet?) top drawer. All 4 United strikers are at the moment quite a lot better than him are they not? Even Welbeck who is a very good centre forward, although Daniel has been injured for a while this season as we know.

But a solution for both of these problems (if you agree they are problems) is:

A – Swap Torres for Falcao and pay Atletico Madrid say £15-20 million extra. Gives them a bit of cash and solves their striker and cash problem for them at one fell swoop. Atletico Madrid is Torres original club and he would be made very welcome there so personally I don`t think he would have a real problem with that (?) which only he could answer of course. He might want to just call it a day on a (relatively) bad period for him and try again and start anew in the Spanish league.

Falcao is dynamite and would, one would think, slot into Chelsea`s team no problem, like Tevez (who is a similar player) did at Man. Utd. and now City.

B – Swap Daniel Sturridge for Mario Balotelli and maybe again also give Citeh a bit of cash (not much though). Daniel has history there and we would get a top class striker in Balotelli that I am sure RDM could mould into an even better one especially if there are only 2 strikers vying for the 1 position – he would get a lot more games than he does at Citeh.

Yes, I know he is “controversial” but remember his performances in the EM – he is a very good striker as he has also proved in the PL and anyway we welcome “characters” at Stamford Bridge do we not?

So we would end up with Falcao and Mario Balotelli. What do you think Chelsea board (and fans)?