Date: 13th November 2012 at 4:41pm
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Let me start by saying this article will not be a Torres bashing article but one to outline why Sturridge, at this moment, is better for Chelsea FC then Torres.

I believe, based on Torres play in the past 2 years, he has done a great job to outline better than any article can why any promising striker should be starting over him. Honestly I think it’s a disservice to Sturridge to suggest he should be playing only because Torres is doing so poorly.

The truth is, Danny should be playing because his good enough to and the boy will score. I have seen the comments stating that he hasn’t done anything at Chelsea to showcase his ability. Well I’m one of the Chelsea fan that doesn’t suffer from selective amnesia because I don’t like something about a player.

At this time last year Danny was scoring goals for fun when few players in our team were. Now I know after the Christmas break the goals did slow down, that’s really when we started to see some of the weakness in Daniel`s game.

For one his decision-making is questionable, while at times instead of shooting he should pass. But really as young players whose game is still developing that’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a good manager. Danny`s goal against Birmingham City kept us in the FA Cup, he was our top scorer while playing out of position, 8 goals in 12 games for Bolton, 2goals 5 games for team GB after battling meningitis.

His pace and ball control and dribbling ability make him a huge threat and his ability to take on players whilst also finishing chances in the box make him as dangerous as a young Torres. I do believe he can score lots of goals for Chelsea at the centre-forward position if giving the opportunity at the starting line-up.

A lot of fans pointed to the Capitol One Cup v United to say he`s not good enough but is it really fair to judge a player who was coming off an injury who was starting his first game of the season based on one match.

Daniel is not a super sub his one of those players who thrives on confidence and the rhythm of the game playing week in and week out. So we can’t even judge him on his 15, 10, 6 minutes cameos.

‘I don’t need anyone to tell me I am great or that I am fantastic, I just need to play,’

Sturridge said.

‘I need the opportunity and that is when you get your own confidence.

‘Didier Drogba always said to me: ‘Studge, it doesn’t really matter about anything as long as you believe in yourself’. And that’s my main strength’

‘If anyone says to you that if they don’t play they are fine, it is a lie. I do not believe it is easy to not play and then switch it on like a light’.

‘You can’t do that. You have to play regularly. You have to be able to replicate what you’ve been doing week in, week out’

‘Some players can come off the bench and play well. Some players cannot. Some players can have an impact and score. Some cannot. Everyone is different’

Let’s hope Di Mateo give the kid the chance I believe he deserves.