Date: 16th July 2017 at 10:21am
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There`s panic on the streets of London, well there`s not really, but I`ve yearned for ages to squeeze that line from my favourite Smiths song into an article.

But, if you are of a gullible disposition you could well be unnerved by an article that has appeared in The Sun on Sunday this morning.

The nations` leading tabloid is trying to convince its readers that there are still serious doubts regarding the future of Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge.

Although it will have been, tomorrow, just a week since the squad returned to Cobham for pre-season training, our referenced source has picked up on the fact that 47-year-old Conte has still not signed that new contract mentioned numerous times.

Trying to elevate the fear status in its readers, our source points out that there are, reportedly, problems over the length of the contract whilst also covering familiar ground relating to Chelsea not having brought in (yet), the striker the club so desperately needs.

It also points out that the squad fly off to China and Singapore on Monday and when they return there`ll be just a week before the Community Shield fixture with Arsenal, at Wembley Stadium.

Are we unduly worried here at Vital Chelsea?

Not really, until we hear different we`ll put the delay down to that little old process called negotiation!


3 Replies to “Tabloid Suggests Conte Departure Draws Nearer”

  • Hogwash indeed. Chelsea have not done badly so far in the transfer market. We are still in the first month of the transfer window and they have already got two of their top targets. Juventus doesn’t want to sell to us but you can not blame the board for the stand off. Lukaku going to United is a blessing in disguise I think but they will certainly find a replacement for Costa. When you want quality it does not come that easy. Let’s wait and see.

  • Actually we have not been very active in the transfer market but I still don’t believe Conte will leave anytime soon. Things will be sorted out.

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