Date: 9th November 2012 at 4:14pm
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Think back, 2009 and the Champions League semi-final Barcelona v Chelsea.

Guus Hiddink v Pep, a night at the Bridge Essien scored the first goal on the stroke of nine minutes and the Chelsea fans go mental this could yet be their year.

The minutes ticked on and with Chelsea dominating proceedings it was felt this indeed was their year until of course that dreaded Iniesta strike that ultimately send Chelsea crashing out of the UCL.

Fast forward 2012 Camp Nou, semi final, Chelsea v Barcelona, RDM v Pep, to cut a long story short Barcelona dominated proceedings but in the end Chelsea went through to the final.

The point of this article is to show sometimes luck can be better than tactics simply because teams create their own luck. Barcelona were VERY lucky in 2009 to draw with Chelsea at the Bridge and Chelsea were lucky to draw with Barca at the Camp Nou.

On Wednesday Chelsea beat Shakhtar at the Bridge, I later came on Vital Chelsea expecting fans to be happy with the ‘lucky’ win. Instead some fans were criticizing Robbies tactical nous. Now I’m not going to lie to you and say Robbie is a tactical genius because simply his not.

But what he doesn`t have in tactics he makes up for it installing a never say die attitude in the Chelsea players, a few examples Napoli at the bridge, Barcelona at the Nou Camp, Shakhter at the Bridge, Manchester United in the Capital One Cup.

The list goes on and on.

Do you think for one second Barca fans in 2009 were criticizing Pep after he was very LUCKY to go through to that Final?

The point is that Guus for all his tactics and being genius couldn’t advance to the UCL final but Robbie with his luck and never say die attitude did. Now I’m not saying those fans are wrong to look for holes in RDM but come on before the season started people were hoping for fourth place in the EPL and maybe a FA Cup, RDM is exceeding expectations, 2nd in the league and fighting for the title and he has won the FA Cup and UCL already. Give the guy some credit for goodness sake!

I was flipping peeved when I came on here and instead of fans praising another great win at the Bridge they were slating the manager. And of course I saw one fan (won`t mention his name) say he could do a 100 per cent better job then RDM a man that has won the UCL trophy.

No wonder Chelsea fans are so hated. Tactics and all is great but that will come to RDM who is still young and needs experience, many people forget Ferguson, Mourinho, Guus have been at the managerial game for years while RDM has just started.

We might have been lucky to beat Shakhtar at the Bridge something Juve couldn’t do by the way but in my eyes teams create their own luck and RDM creates plenty of it.