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Next to feature in our on-going series is – cfc250

Next to feature in our on-going series is – cfc250

1. Vital Chelsea username?

My name is cfc250 and my real name is Aditya Patni. Catch me on Twitter @adipatni100

2. When did you first start supporting Chelsea?


3. How old are you?


4. Where do you live?


5. Your occupation is?

I am an engineering student. Life is really hectic for me for the next three and a half months with office work and most importantly I have exam after exam within a space of few days. You can’t even imagine how hectic it is. My condition right now is worse than Chelsea’s form under Tubby. I will not be able to post comments on a regular basis till 2nd June. I request the whole of Vital Chelsea to pray for me just like you did it for Saber. Thanks .Love you all. I promise to be back on a regular basis after 2nd June.

6. Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

That`s a difficult question. Loads of them (Apart from 19.05.2012).The list does not end.

? Gronkjaer’s goal against Liverpool.
? Terry’s winner against UEFAlona in 2004-05 and Mourinho,Terry and Lampard celebrating after the final whistle.
? Lampard’s goal against Bayern in 2004-05
? The Everton game we won 2-3,with Ballack and Lampard equalising on each occasion before Drogba scoring a thunderbolt.
? Lampard’s goal against Barca from zero angle at the Nou Camp.
? Mourinho celebrating Drogba’s equaliser like mad at the Nou Camp.
? Shevchenko’s goal against Spurs
? Ballack’s winner against Porto 2006-07
? Essien’s winner against Valencia in 2006-07
? Drogba’s winner at Wembley against Man UTD in 2006-07.
? Lampard’s penalty against Pool in 2007-08.
? Lampard’s equaliser against Pool in 2008-09(the second one and last one of the tie)
? Terry’s winner against United in 2009-10.
? Drogba’s offside goal against Man UTD in 2010.LOL.
? Cole’s 8th goal against Wigan on 9th May,2010. I was at the Heathrow Airport that time ,boarding my flight to Dubai.
? Drogba’s goal against Napoli in 2011-12.
? Ivanovic’s goal against Napoli in 2011-12.
? Drogba’s goal against Spurs in 2011-12.
? Drogba’s goal UEFAlona in 2011-12
? Torres’ goal against UEFAlona in 2011-12
? Pep Guardiola not joining Chelsea in 2012-13.I am sure he and Terry would have clashed.

Sorry for boring you guys, but I cannot select any one of them from these. All of them are priceless.

7. Your worst Chelsea memory is?

Difficult one again. Apart from Moscow, Luis Garcia and Ovrebo, there are hardly any bad memories. Yes, John Terry’s own goal against Barca in 2005-06. Losing the shoot-out to Liverpool in 2007.That was really painful. Losing 3-0 to United under Scolari and losing to United in 2011 CL(both legs).Losing to Juventus 3-0. Mourinho, Carlo and Robbie getting sacked.

8. Favourite Chelsea player?

I love Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Shevchenko, Desailly, Carvalho, Cech, Makelele, Essien, Ivanovic, Luiz. But I am afraid, that there was, there is and there will only be one John Terry. Don’t even ask me about the love I have for our skipper. I am the biggest worshipper of JT in the entire Universe. Terry is miles, miles ahead of any defender I have seen (apart from Cannavaro and Maldini). England don’t deserve such a player and a leader. Look at his committment. No disrespect to the fellow English pals, but after what happened to JT, I hope England don’t qualify for the World Cup. I really wanted Terry to become a World Cup winning captain, but the F.A feck up things every time.

9. Your favourite Chelsea goal is?

Loads. I have mentioned the list above. But the pick of them has to be Lampard’s goal at the Nou Camp in 2006-07.

10. Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

It has been a great place. I have been on three years now. Merlin is very jovial and kind-hearted. Cheers to him for tolerating all the nuisance we post. I am afraid that some idiots like FV and MQ have ruined this forum to a great extent. But it is compromised by guys like Mutters ,GabeU, Nely, KAKU, Desmond, Radio, FrLamp, Chelz akamz, Latunivic, Hazza, SameX, Chelsea n Torres fan, Lukamolski, ObiMikel, Kumar, Keyser Soze, Ohans, GianfrancoLuca, Ken4CFC and many more guys, whose names I am not able to recall. Saber is a genius. Pleased to have met him and made a friend like him. I wish I was half as talented as him.

If you would like to take that hallowed walk into our Hall of Fame hen simply e-mail your ten answers to the questions to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


15 Replies to “Tell Us About Yourself (2) – cfc250”

  • Cfc250- adi patni…my good friend, nice profile here and I admire your obvious admiration for JT, I am still laughing hard at some of our tweeter chats!!!! Cheers mate, I pray you will find good sucess in your forth coming exams, mine is next month.

  • Nice profile cfc250, i for one thought you have a good memory there,reminding me of so many moments that time has blurred in my eyes. That Lamps Bayern munich goal in 04,priceless!! I wish you a success in all exams this time. We’ll be right here waiting for you come june. Cheers mate!!

  • @Desmond.Its actually “Aditya Patni”.But you can call me “Adi”.LOL.Thank you so much.Got a lot of office work.I have to take care of my uncle’s business as well as study for exams.Yeah.There is only one JT.Yeah,we’ll keep tweeting.Thank you so much.And all the best for your exams too.I’ll also pray for you.@Ohans.How can we forget such moments?And thank you so much.I wish to meet all the guys here at Stamford Bride one day.I am planning a trip to London around Christmas this year.Cheers.

  • interesting profile from a JT die hard…lol…good to know you a bit more and all the best in your forthcoming exams…study hard!!…

  • Interesting profile from a chelsea die…good to know you and all the best in your forthcoming exams…study hard

  • Nice one aditya patni.very cool guy to chat with especially on twitter even though we disagree to agree at times.TOP LAD..i wish you success in your exams.

  • Thanks for sharing sir. I will certainly say a prayer on your behalf regarding your upcoming exams. Do your part in your preparation and it will all go well. Very nice profile BTW.

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