Date: 11th February 2013 at 4:39pm
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And the next to enter the hallowed Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame is – CFCTalal

And the next to enter the hallowed Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame is – CFCTalal

1 – Your Vital Chelsea user name?


2 – When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

2007 , first football match I ever watched was Chelsea v Man United, forgot the result but all I remember is that Drogba was awesome and I just watched cCelsea to watch Drogba play then the club grew on me so I become a fan.

3 – How old are you?


4 – Where do you live?

Whitehaven , Cumbria , England

5 – Your occupation is?


6 – Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

Drogba’s goal v. Bayern or maybe our 8-0 thrashing of Wigan on the last day of the season.

7 – Your worst Chelsea memory is?

Iniesta’s goal for Barca in 2009 semi-final / John Terry’s penalty miss in Moscow

8 – Your favourite all-time Chelsea player is?

Michael Essien

9 – Your best ever Chelsea goal is?

Essien v Barca 08/09 or Drogba v Everton 06/07

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

Good community , feel very nice being around a lot of Chelsea fans but some people tend to get on my nerves with absolute stupidity , it’s still a good place to go and I visit at least 3-4 times a day , dropping a comment or suggesting an article sometimes. The community is also pretty funny when I read some of the peoples` comments on here. Makes my mood worse though after Chelsea lose since people start being absolute imbeciles and bring their rage to the community.

If you`d like to take your place in the Hall of Fame then simply e-mail your ten answers to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM


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