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And next to tell us all is – Darlingblue

And next to tell us all is – Darlingblue

1 – Your Vital Chelsea user name?


2 – When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

Somewhere around 2005, when I watched Chelsea against Barcalona, when we gave them the beating of their lives, but before then I was supporting Real Madrid because of a certain Zidane I saw in the 1998 World Cup. I like the Los Blancos but my heart pumps blue blood.

3 – How old are you?

20 years old

4 – Where do you live?

Accra (Ghana)

5 – Your occupation is?

A warehouse attendant at a factory but i will be going to school to study engineering later in the year

6. Your favourite Chelsea memory?

Obviously have to be the night we won the Champions League, I ran like a madman on the street and if it were to be a busy street I might be dead by now, it was a crazy run, I even destroyed my phone in the process, I threw it into the air in excitement but was not able to catch it, I have had many good moments since the day I started supporting Chelsea but that night was my favourite.

7. Your worst Chelsea memory?

My worst memory is the 2008 Champions League in Moscow, I was heartbroken, I couldn’t watch the penalty kicks (I was scared ) when JT was about to take it My father (Barca fan) shouted ‘U guys are one kick away’ that time I was sitting in the bedroom, and rest was history, My father teased me and I shed tears. The match between Chelsea and Ovebro 2009 is also one match I will never forget.

8. Your favourite Chelsea all-time player?

Super Frank Lampard,

9. Your best ever Chelsea goal?

Very difficult to choose, I like the following:-

Essien’s stunner against Arsenal
Drogba vs Everton in 2006
Makelele vs Spurs
Oscar vs Juventus
Alex vs Liverpool
All Goals by Frank Lampard

10. Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

Great site, really love it when reading comments, I don`t normally comment, but I read comments here every single day, I`ve gotten to know that there are 3 groups here, there is the Desmond, Laryorh, Radio, Nely, Don capon, Gabue, Latunvic, Cfc250, Ohans etc group, and there is the MQ, FV, meez9, ken (joined recently) etc group, and finally the Sholk group (somehow neutral they are neither here nor there). And it makes the site interesting and at times very hilarious when arguments are going on. I joined the site some 6 months ago, I came across it at Chelsea newsnow.

If you`d like to enter the Vital Chelsea hall of Fame then simply e-mail your ten answers to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


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