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And next to tell us all is – Dave-David

And next to tell us all is – Dave-David

1- Your Vital Chelsea User Name is?


2- When did you start supporting Chelsea?

From birth, whole family is CFC and it`s just the way it is. You cannot pick your family and cannot pick your football team either.

3 – How old are you?


4- Where do you live?
Born opposite Big Ben in St Thomas’ hospital SW London, now live in the famous ESSEX ha ha

5- What is your occupation?
I am a warehouse manager in SW London

6. Your favourite Chelsea moment?

Champions League win hands down

7- Your worst Chelsea moment?

Probably when Jose Mourinho left the club! He was CFC and hasn’t felt the same seeing him anywhere else

8. Your favourite all-time Chelsea player?

Very tough question! Didier Drogba firstly as he always scored in the cup finals for us and always was there to be relied on in the big games against the biggest teams. A true leader of men! Plus he won us the Champions League which is my favourite moment!

9. Your best ever Chelsea goal?

Most important was Marcel Desailly’s against Leeds, it was the goal that made sure we got into the Champions League for the first time in our history. Huge, huge event in the rise of Chelsea Football Club then has to be Drogba’s header v Bayern because of its importance to the club! And then his penalty if that is counted as a goal.

10. Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

I love coming here reading the banter and gossip and there is some really, really top fans on here and ones who know a hell of a lot about CFC and football in general. I guess I learn something from someone on here every day about someone or a stat – lol

If you`d like to enter the Vital Chelsea hall of Fame then simply e-mail your ten answers to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


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