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And the next to enter the hallowed Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame is – jay-cisc

And the next to enter the hallowed Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame is – jay-cisc

1 – Your Vital Chelsea user name?


2 – When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

I started supporting Chelsea after I watched them loose to Man U at the CL final in Moscow, before that game I didn’t even know Chelsea exist because back then, the only football I watched was the World Cup, and the reason why I watched that UCL final was because I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn`t get back to sleep, so I turned on the TV and saw that UCL final and decided to watch it because none other TV programme were good, and frankly I was rooting for MU that night because I’m more familiar with them and red is kinda my favourite color… fast forward, Chelsea lost that night, Man U won the UCL title, but strangely it’s Chelsea that got me attached although they lost (I don’t really know why), so since that historic night, I started to watch every CFC game and fell in love with Chelsea without even realising it.

3 – How old are you?

This year I’ll be 23

4 – Where do you live?

I live in Jogjakarta. Indonesia

5 – Your occupation is?

I’m currently an Engineering major college student

6 – Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

When Chelsea won the Holy Grail

7 – Your worst Chelsea memory is?

Every time Chelsea played without passion and loose because of it

8 – Your favourite all-time Chelsea player is?

Super Frankie Lampard

9 – Your best ever Chelsea goal is?

Drogba’s penalty-kick that won us the Champions League for the first time

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

VC is a great site, with lots of great footballing minds and the first Chelsea related website that I open whenever I surf the net…keep up the great work uncle merlin, and people like Gabeu, Saber and many others should keep up with their great posts and insightful comments, and although there are some people who’s considered as troll’s like Mq, I still have great respect for them as
they offer a different point of view and make this site more colorful…however sometimes we treat each other and some Chelsea players with lack of respect and that’s about the only negative thing I can find in this great site…let’s always support this beloved club through the sun and rain, KTBFFH!

If you`d like to enter the Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame then simply e-mail your answers to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM


11 Replies to “Tell Us About Yourself (2) – jay-cisc”

  • my name is eddyblue and av been a chelsea fan since the days of babayaro.i live in ekete waterside udu in delta state nigeria
    .my fav chelsea player is john terry

  • U have a strange story here, there way u became a fan was very very strange, u were rooting for another team to win o cup and u ended up supporting the other afterwards(maybe for the other to win it too, so may be u may be supporting bayern after our triumph, hahahaha i was just joking). But nice profile though

  • Uncle Merlin I remember u brought some 2012 awards something something in december and u said the results will come some where in january but Uncle today is 12th of february, I am still waiting

  • Nice post mate, the site is indeed colorful.. Burst into frustrated tears*…. Hiccuping*….. Sniffing*

  • @darlingblue lol I know it’s not the typical how to fall in love with a club
    story but thats the truth behind my story mate ;)….for everybody else,
    thanks for commenting,great to know you all…and about the Mq thing,
    he brings color to this site like the way super villain against superheroes,
    without the antagonist every superhero will be boring,and Mq is brave
    enough to be that villain….credits to him

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