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Next to feature in our on-going series is – merlin (the editor)

Next to feature in our on-going series is – merlin (the editor)

1. Vital Chelsea username?


2. When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

1985 when a local lad called Kerry Dixon signed on the bottom line for John Neal, I`ve never looked back since.

3. How old are you?


4. Where do you live?

Luton, Bedfordshire, England

5. Your occupation is?

For the past 35 years I`ve worked for Monarch Aircraft Engineering, the engineering part of the Monarch group which includes Monarch Airlines. I started off as an Avionic apprentice, progressed to being a Mechanic and then a Technician. Twenty years ago I moved into the offices and I`m currently employed as a Maintenance Planner.

6. Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

Simple this one. It`s waking up at 05:00 hours on Sunday 20th May 2012, not being able to move my head, wondering where the hell I was, before remembering that the night before I`d witnessed the greatest event of my life, Chelsea winning the Champions League. On making my way down the stairs. I was greeted by a sticky floor thanks to the celebration sparked by Didier Drogba`s header and a champagne bottle lying on the floor, apparently I`d drunk most of the champagne in one go as the famous old trophy was paraded by the team.

7. Your worst Chelsea memory is?

There have been a few! Witnessing us lose 5-1 in a League Cup semi-final to Spurs, at White Hart Lane, watching us go down 7-0 against Nottingham Forest, all those exits in the Champions League at the hands of Liverpool but the worst, that was being relegated, in 1988, in the play-off final at the hands of Middlesbrough, absolutely gutted, thought we`d never get back into the top flight let alone win it on that wonderful evening at the Reebok Stadium.

8. Favourite Chelsea player?

Kerry Dixon – A local lad who was the bees-knees. If you`re in any doubt scan You-Tube for some of his goals, especially the hat-trick down at the Old Den against Millwall.

9. Your favourite Chelsea goal is?

It was scored at Hillsborough by Graeme Stuart. Sat in the seats in the Leppings Lane end I watched Bobby pick the ball up in our own half, stroll forward, beating men at will, before producing the simplest of finishes, even the home fans applauded, it was that good.

10. Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

Sometimes I love it, other times I hate it, but after so long in the editorial chair it is now very much a part of my life!

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34 Replies to “Tell Us About Yourself (2) – merlin”

  • wow..i really enjoyed this uncle merlin..memories memories and so much history. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you do for VC and for the blue nation fandom.

  • 1985,and stil going?woah that so nice 2 hear n it motivates me.sir u’v seen so much 4 such a long time.keep it up.

  • Nice profile merlin, u need not hate this place atimes, just continue loving it, u should take inspiration from the fact that u are making so many happy!! Even there are some that don’t comment but come in here on daily basis to enjoy themselves

  • Good stuff, Merlin. I really enjoyed your hazy piecing together of post-CL debauchery. Any of us who drink have a story to tell, I’m sure.

  • I can’t think you enough for the work you do here Merlin. You’re probably one of the nicest people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. I’ll always cherish the lovely gifts you gave me and I hope that one day I’ll repay the favour in person 🙂

  • Also, did you know Kerry in person? He’s a luton lad about the same age as you. I’ve only ever seen him as the regular face of Chelsea Tv but I’ve heard he was one hell of a player

  • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times when my son played against a boys team he managed. I used to work with his cousin……hence the close interest

  • Now that is a profile of a man that has seen it all. You ,Uncle Merlin, have advanced and it manifests in your way of doing things. Maturity personified!! Good to know you a little more and keep up the good work here…it is not going unnoticed and unappreciated. And please bear with our inadequacies.

  • Great to know about you Uncle Merlin!! Good to know that you’re in the aviation field. I’m studying aeronautical engineering. Great profile. The best editor the site could have.

  • Great profile from the SPECIAL ONE,thanks uncle merlin for usherin us into your world,and thanks for all the time and resources you have dedicated into makin VC the great site it is today.more grease to your elbow sire and together we would take VC to a greater level.

  • Top post from a great man…Lol. Who dares forget Kerry Dixon,especially those 2 goals at Oldtrafford in a 2-1 win. You’re doing a hell of a job on this site, and many don’t seem to understand the hard work and time this entails. So I say top cheers to you Merlin.

  • Great read Merlin, appreciate this one a great deal as we’ve been through the same trials and tribulations supporting our beloved blues!

  • Great job on here Merlin. You’ve provided us an avenue to show n share our love for CFC. More grease 2 ur elbow.

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