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And the latest to take up our challenge is – Obimikelisbest

And the latest to take up our challenge is – Obimikelisbest

1 – Your Vital Chelsea User Name?

Obimikeisdbest. Catch me on twitter @haykinz

2 – When did you start supporting Chelsea

Mourinho endeared me to Chelsea in 2005 though I started supporting Chelsea fully in 2006 when that Lampard goal went in against Bayern Munich. Top class goal it was.

3 – How old are you?


4 – Where do you live?

I`m a Nigerian. I live in Ibadan to be precise.

5 – Your occupation is?

I completed my University Degree last year. I studied Engineering Physics in school and I’m currently in my Service year.

6 – Your Favourite Chelsea memory is?

I must say I have had so much fun supporting Chelsea. But my favourite moment has to be when Drogba powered that header in against Neuer in Munich and then his penalty that eventually won us the UCL trophy.

7 – Your Worst Chelsea memory is?

That has to be the Scandal of Stamford Bridge against Barcelona in 2009.

8 – Your Favourite Chelsea player is?

SUPER FRANKIE LAMPARD. I decided to support Chelsea because of Lampard’s master class performance against Bayern Munich in 2006.I love Mikel too.

9 – Your best ever Chelsea Goal is?

I have seen so many beautiful Chelsea goals. Maybe my best ever Chelsea goal will be Mikel’s first goal in the EPL.I know his goal will be like the second coming of Jesus Christ. Nobody knows when it’s going to come.

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea

I think VC is an awesome place where we can all share our opinions on what we think can make the club progress. A very big thanks to Merlin for keeping the site in order even though member’s comments can be annoying at times. I don’t post comments that much and I think we have geniuses on here. I have learnt a lot from the lengthy comments and articles of GabeU, my brother desmond, nelyvanile, cfc250, Mia, saber, layorh, ibidayo and all other peeps on here that I can`t remember. You all are awesome

It`s not too late to reserve your place in the Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame, simply e-mail your ten answers to the questions and send them to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


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