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Next up in our on-going series is – Seabourch.

Next up in our on-going series is – Seabourch.

For those who have been with us for several years, they will know that Seabourch is a long servant of this site but someone who is currently doing something (see question 5) we should all respect. Take it away Seabourch

1 – Your Vital Chelsea username?


2- When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

I started in 2006 after the World Cup when I caught football fever and decided to find myself a club to support. Now I was a fan of Germany and in Singapore the Bundesliga at the time didn`t get a lot of coverage by the media so I decided to try English football instead and as Ballack who was captain of Germany was headed to Chelsea that summer, I decided I would support Chelsea for a start to see if it was worthwhile. Chelsea pulled me because of their never say die attitude plus Jose Mourinho, a young successful manager who was able to go toe to toe with experienced managers like Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex.

3- How old are you?

I am 20 but this year I turn 21 in June.

4 – Where do you live?


5 – Your occupation is?

Doing National Service for my country, finishes in more or less a year from now.

6 – Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

Winning in Munich, ending years of pain that started against Monaco in 2004 and every year it got worse as ghost goals, slippery pitches, bad referees turned our quest for the European Cup into some sort of albatross around our necks.

7 – Your worst Chelsea memory is?

Moscow 2008, need not say anymore.

8 – Your favourite all-time Chelsea player is?

The Chelsea player that made me fall in love with Chelsea; the big Ivorian himself Saloman Kalou. Kidding there, Didier Drogba. Fairy tale ending for him as his last kick brought us CL glory, hope he doesn`t come back or risk tarnishing his legendary status.

9 – Your best ever Chelsea goal is?

First ever goal I saw live in December 2006, Essien`s goal of the season against Arsenal, thought we would be heading for defeat against them after Flamini`s late goal but Essien popped up to send a shot that curled at the last minute to fool Lehmann. Close but not as memorable include Drogba against Everton, Lampard against Stoke in 2009, Alex v Liverpool.

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

The community is not what it used to be back when I first joined in 2007 when we had some really dedicated fans such as Blindjak, Blue is the colour amongst us. Today I see more fans who seem to spend more time putting the club down than getting behind it. I understand that our current situation is far from perfect but show some support or go support some other team.

If you wish to feature in our Vtal Chelsea Hall of Fame then simply e-mail the answers to the ten questions to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


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