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And next up to share a few secrets, in our ongoing series is – simeon23

And next up to share a few secrets, in our ongoing series is – simeon23

1 – Your Vital Chelsea user name?


2 – When did you first start supporting Chelsea?

I am not certain about the date, but I was in my grandparent’s house. I saw Chelsea batter Newcastle with a 5-0 score-line impressed with the way the club has played in this game. Later on, on Euro 2004 I really enjoyed the way Lampard and Terry played and after they both turned out to be from one club I had no doubt which team to support.

3 – How old are you?

18 years of age

4 – Where do you live?

In Pleven, a small town in Bulgaria about the size of Cambridge.

5 – Your occupation is?

Currently I am in the last year of my school education, after which I intend to move to the UK in order to continue my education in a local university, probably in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

6 – Your favourite Chelsea memory is?

The final in Munich. It had everything of football – goal chances, strong element of drama and of course Chelsea won. After Robben missed that vital penalty in the extra time I had the feeling that we will win the game, which momentarily vapourised once Mata missed the penalty, being aware of the penalty record of German teams. I foresaw the Olic miss (honestly I always expect a miss when left-footed players are the penalty takers-Mata, Olic, Messi to name but a few) and following the Schweinsteiger miss I was shaken by the adrenalin, which the moment held. And then Drogba just put the ball in the back of the net with enviable composure. This is without a shadow of doubt my best Chelsea memory so far.

7 – Your worst Chelsea memory is?

One would probably expect the Moscow final to be the worst memory of every Chelsea fan. However, that is not the case with me. The infamous Barcelona second leg game was much more painful for me, because we were undoubtedly the better side this game and thanks to a criminal piece of refereeing we were robbed of a deserved final against Manchester United, where we would have been able to make up for the loss in Moscow.

8 – Your favourite all-time Chelsea player is?

From the players I have watched in Chelsea’s jersey it is definitely Juan Mata. Every single touch of this little Spaniard is a piece of brilliance, which leaves you breathless. I would not exchange him for any player on this world including Messi and Ronaldo. However, my all-time favourite is Zola. I have recently watched highlights of his best moments in the blue jersey and I will go as far as to suggest that if he could play today, he would be the Balon d’or winner ahead of Messi. This guy was a football maestro and his touches were sheer joy to the eye of every football fan. Not behind in the ranks of course are Drogba, Cech, Lamps and Terry, to the last two of whom I would be grateful forever for turning me into a Chelsea fan

9 – Your best ever Chelsea goal is?

I’ve always greatly admired long range goals, but I am hesitant between two efforts by Essien – against Barca and Arsenal. The goal versus Barca was probably technically harder because the ball was in the air and he volleyed it with his left. The goal versus Arsenal was also important as we didn’t put an end to our undefeated run at the Bridge.

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

A great thread where you can share your view about Chelsea with fellow fans who in the majority of cases react in a reasonable and well-behaved manner. I am particularly impressed with the way GabeU writes his pieces and I want to use this article to congratulate him. Congrats to the admin of the page Merlin, but for him all of this wouldn’t have been possible.
If you wish to enter the Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame, then simply e-mail your ten answers to JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM


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  • another vital chelsea faithful whose level of reasoning is far beyond age in numbers…good to know you mate.. you’ll thoroughly enjoy Scotland..I lived there for 3 years and I liked it…lemme warn you are likely to be amongst plenty manure supporters but I expect you to hold your head high…exactly wat I did…nice one!

  • The quality of ur responses and comments put fans like me to shame, I’ll surely take this as a kick in the backside to write more nice articles and comments…. 18 years old?

  • Once again the trend continues. Here is another gentleman whose postings suggest and indicate maturity well beyond his chronologic age. Thanks for sharing.

  • good luck and uni my friend. I couldn’t do that, move to a completely new country straight after school. Respect to that.

  • Simeon,you sure sound above that age. Not just from this article,but a whole lot of comments i have seen you make in here,quite enviable..i must confess. Those are well articulated responses,keep it up, mate!

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