Date: 31st August 2014 at 5:30pm
Written by:

It`s been interesting the last few days!

Sat in the editorial chair, well my favourite comfy armchair to be more accurate, I`ve seen numerous comments drift across my laptop screen relating to the departure of Fernando Torres, comments both from this site and also from numerous Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, most of the comments have been, to put it mildly, derogatory!

Now the dust has died down, I`d like to approach his departure from another viewpoint, just to see what reaction it generates.

The manner in which I`m going to do this is to ask you three questions and at the end I`m going to second-guess your answers, so play along with me just to keep an old man happy if you will.

1 – On that January night when the news broke that Chelsea Football Club had negotiated and concluded, for a British record fee, the transfer of Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea, did you jump up and down in excitement?

2 – On that marvellous night in the Nou Camp when circumstances contrived to leave us having to climb a mountain, when we found ourselves down to ten men and 2-0 down and when a superb goal from Ramires gave us a life-line which led to Chelsea leading a charmed life as Barcelona hammered against our door, did you jump up and down with a jig of delight as Torres sped away, ran three quarters the length of the pitch before rounding the keeper to score and cement our place in the Champions League Final?

3 – Back in that first troubled season Torres was with us, a time when he couldn`t buy a goal, do you recall when he got that first one, against West Ham I believe, when in the pouring rain even a puddle in front of the goal almost contrived to tackle him but he finally managed to make the net bulge, did you dance a jig of delight?

Off course, if you`re as mad as me then the answer to all three questions will be a resounding YES.

Nando might not go down in the history books as one of our most prolific strikers and his purchase fee might remain our record outlay for many a year, but they weren`t all bad times were they?