Date: 11th May 2019 at 7:45pm
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Go on, admit it!

Some of you must be envious of how our North London rivals, Arsenal and Tottenham, both have state-of-the-art stadia whilst our plans to build a new ground, seemingly, floundered and died.

Perhaps the biggest reason why the new ground was placed on hold, aside from our owner not being welcome to visit this country by our government, was the cost.

The initial estimate put the cost of demolishing Stamford Bridge and seeing a new old rise at around the £500 million mark.

However as the days passed that figure doubled to an astronomical £1 billion, a figure that certainly made my jaw drop.

But is the project dead and buried?

Apparently not!

The news source, the New Civil Engineer, are reporting that Chelsea still harbour ambitions to build the new ground and are looking at reducing the costs, back to the original figure, quite how remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, our referenced source also points out that, much to our dismay, Chelsea are also looking at alternative locations.

But, what are your views on the subject matter?

Can you see our beloved Chelsea playing in a brand new stadium somewhere down the line or have we missed that particular boat?

Please feel free to leave your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

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2 Replies to “That Old Chestnut Relating To A New Home For Chelsea Rears Its Head Again”

  • I’ve been a Chelsea supporter for over 50 years, and I don’t have a problem with Chelsea moving. Wembley would be an ideal stadium to buy,. it would cost less than the billion quoted, be a larger stadium, and have parking for supporters. Stuff the we’ve always been at the Bridge, most of the top clubs have moved at one time, or another.

  • Manu and Liverpool still play at their traditional home arsenal and spurs don’t and the reason is money and area to develop London property per acre is astronomical so the only answer is develop the property you have in this case the bridge next problem is cost no one is ever going to fund it why would Roman bother after all he isn’t allowed in the country and any take over of the club wouldn’t want to throw away a billion quid so it looks like we’re stuck with the fourth biggest premier ground in London and eight in the premier

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