Date: 9th December 2012 at 7:39pm
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I will make this as short as possible. Just yesterday Rafa Benitez recorded his first BPL win for us against Sunderland. It was a big moment for him as regards his time with Chelsea and apparently shortly after the game Rafa penned an open letter to the fans of Chelsea. I have provided a URL link to it here;

Every one can take a read and see what they think. When I heard that Rafa had penned a letter I thought the man is a genius is a chance to bring the blue nation together using the “warm fuzzy ” feelings that always follow a win but having read the letter I was sorely disappointed.

Those who remember when AVB was sacked remember the first comments RDM made..they were conciliatory and he gave a positive shout out to his former boss..that is wisdom and humility. Rafa’s letter on the hand oozed of arrogance. Now I know he is a proud man but to pen a letter addressed to the fan base of the club and fail to even acknowledge or mention those fans who have been against his appointment is very unwise. He mentioned and singled out for his praise and acknowledgement only those fans who called him, emailed him, etc to support him. Look there is nothing wrong with thanking fans who support you but it takes a much bigger man to acknowledge those who don`t and if he thinks those fans are not out there or important he is deluded. The wise and conciliatory thing to have done at this point when the team enjoyed a win would have been to pay tribute to all the fans and to acknowledge those who may not support him presently , ask for their support and indicate that he will continue working to win the support of every last one of them..that is what a wise man whose common sense overrides his pride would have done.

Frankly I am ambivalent about Rafa. He is a gifted and experienced coach, his record speaks for itself concern regarding him had always been his man management skills and the fact that everywhere he has been in the past he has always without fail given enough time picked high profile fights with key players, owners, management staff etc and that is always what prompts his exits. It happened in Valencia, at Liverpool, at Inter. Less than a month into his tenure at Chelsea he has already picked another major fight that could have been easily diffused with just a little dose of wisdom and humility. He may have won his first game for us in the BPL but his latest step..that open letter to the fans in my opinion has not done him many favors with a big portion of the clubs fans base; and he will need all the help he can get going forward because this assignment he has taken on is a marathon and not a sprint..and he has barely started. The idea of an open letter was an excellent one but the content and tone was sadly ill advised.