Date: 21st November 2012 at 1:01pm
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The best comebacks are the ones when you least expect it. I’m talking about the blue colour, the Chelsea spirit, the English doggedness and the lion on the symbol.

Some of you lot come across as little girls who whelp at the first sign of failure. Jesus Christ mates. It’s not over till it’s over.

Why are you lot so sure that Juventus are going to beat / draw with Shakhtar? That Shakhtar team is one of the best underdog teams I’ve seen in a while! Granted they already have qualified but anyone who thinks that they are not going to do their hardest to beat Juventus is a fool.

Topping the group is a priority as who wants to face the European big boys like United or Barcelona in the very next round? They will send out their best team and play their best. It’s Juventus who will be under pressure. Our task meanwhile is relatively simple. Beat Nords by as many goals as possible.

Yes, this is also means the end of Torres. This also means that Chelsea will now pay the £47 million buy out clause and get Falcao here by January. Frank Lampard, meanwhile, is i think also on his way out to the States, leaving us to get another midfielder – probably Fellaini.

We have already broken even and assuming Falcao gets a £170k a week contract, with Fellaini on £70k. We still reduce our wages by £170k per week with Torres, Lamps and Malouda gone (170+140+100k). That’s £13 million saved. Plus the sale of Torres will I think (I’m serious) get us £25million. So we get end up spending only £11 million on Falcao plus say £20 million on the new midfielder.

Suppose Sturridge forces a move (can`t really blame him), we can squeeze £20mil minimum and get Wilifred Bony for £8 million as back-up and even recall Lukaku if we want 3 strikers in the squad.

So by spending just £20million plus small change, the team moves very close to completion.
With Falcao in the squad and the holy trinity supplying him, with a quality midfielder like Fellaini in the pivot, we’ll have a beast. So it’s not like once we get past the group we’ll struggle. Even if the worst possibility of Chelsea in the Europa League (I just cant see it happening) were to happen, it’s not the end of the world. I’m really, really excited with the team we are developing slowly. Can you imagine how we’ll look in a couple of years?

Also I take offense to @mq and some other peoples comments regarding RDM. If anybody is classless it is them! Every coach makes tactical errors. It’s a part of the job. It’s like performing a high risk surgery every 3 days. There are always chances that the patient may die. But RDM is not just any other manager. This man saved our sorry arses. We would not have been where we are today if it were not for him and big Didier. Show the man some respect.

I normally never wish bad on anyone but how would @mq and the rest of you shameless lot feel if you were sacked and they wrote about it in every paper in the world. Calling for a man’s sacking be it, AVB or RDM is shameful. As long as a person is a CFC employee, be it player or coach we must back them. Roman decides the sacking and selling part, if they deserve it they will go. But to hurl insults and abuse at a man who has been a hero for us Chelsea fans is downright despicable. First learn about humanity.

About Pep Guardiola! Stop bending over to him like little b****s. The last time I checked we caused the final nail to fall on his resignation last year. The man has only played one type of football, with a team that plays only one type of football, with players trained that way even before they reach puberty. Sure we’ll play really pretty footie, but he cant guarantee success.

There is only one man in the world who right now is the best coach in the world. And that is Jose Mourhino. Not because he was once a Chelsea manager, it’s just that he has shown the pedigree for winning with 4 teams in 4 countries consistently for almost a decade. Now that is a top, top manager. And look even he’s finding it hard at Madrid this season.

Roberto Di Matteo is a young manager at 42 and he always learns new things, tries new things. Give him a chance to grow with the new young team. Keep in mind, this is a new young inexperienced team that is already giving the star studded and established Manchester teams a real run for their money.

This Blues team can become the team of the decade. And the ever growing and learning Roberto could be our own Ferguson. You can`t win 2 major trophies in 4 months unless you’ve got obvious talent.

Last but not the least; let`s never forget what our hero Drogba taught us. That is, you never give up. No matter what you never give up. That is what makes Chelsea champion – the spirit and the determination. We’re too cocky to give up without a fight. My whole life so far has been successful because I never gave up. Invariably I’d pull a rabbit out of the hat in the last minute and always win.

Winning is all about the right attitude. Look at Jose and learn. It’s that attitude that makes him a born winner. I’ve read for countless medical exams the night before and aced it. I’ve written poems; and essays without preparing. I’ve danced on stage loads of times just practicing the night before. I’ve won loads of things in theatre. I both played and managed my college soccer teams. And when the time comes every time I believed it was me holding the trophy in the air.

You don`t have to be Jose Mourhino to be the Special One. You just need to have the right attitude.

So join me 2 weeks from now and lets cheer Shakhtar to victory. Who knows if we all become ‘Special Ones` on that day, the players, the coach, the fans, especially the ones on Vital Chelsea, something special may happen.