Date: 20th January 2019 at 10:38am
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Defeats, no matter who it is against, invariably hurt.

Nobody likes making the trek into work, the following morning, on the back of a defeat.

But, sometimes, it is the manner of the defeat that leaves the bitterest of tastes in the mouth.

Against Arsenal, on Saturday, Chelsea were poor, very poor, perhaps the poorest they’ve been all season.

After the game, Sarri had some strong words to say, citing his disappointment as to how his players had played.

Naturally, the social media networks have been very active with Chelsea supporters having their say on the latest debacle.

They make for very interesting reading.

In fact, it would appear that Sarri is testing their patience, as the following posts illustrate:

Perhaps the biggest bone of contention relates to the Italian’s insistence in playing two of the best players in the Premier League out of position, a point picked up on by numerous posts with the following being typical examples:

But, with the acquisition of an ageing striker looming large on the horizon, would we be better putting our faith in somebody who is already hitting the net prolifically?

One post seems to think so:

Perhaps, but then again Chelsea do have a penchant for not persisting with youngsters.

But, if anyone feels that Sarri isn’t really the man for the job, then this last point illustrates the point perfectly:

Worrying times ahead methinks, but is it time for a managerial change?

A straight YES or NO in our comment facility will suffice.

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6 Replies to “The Chelsea Support Are Far From Happy With Mr Sarri”

  • Sarri is not a good coach I said it before his arrival.he is adamant using two of our best out of natural position. I think he need mental treatment.

  • Chelsea backline needs a revamp,sarri needs to use youngsters&also rotate players.

  • YES, foolish Sarri out iz this clown even a football coach does he watch replays does he analyze anything. Mr chain smoker you committed sarricide by blaming everybody rather than your rusty fibble Sarrismo get out of our team STUPID

  • sarri is doing an awkward experiment with Jorginho when we have Kante !!!!playing Alonso when we have Emmerson??? I hate this Sarriball…..

  • Sarri is nothing more than ex Bank manager and his behavior is exactly the typical one. All bank managers prefer to rely on older stuff to protect and safeguard their positions but in football is an entirely different game. Sarri ignores game after game the firing Odoi with his amazing dribbles and pace. Ignores Loftus and he uses Alonso ignoring Emmerson. Kante is used not where he is at his best and I wonder if Sarri has a clue about premier league football or he is experimenting with his new discovery sarri-ball!!! CWhat a lot of rubbish! The Chelsea administration must force him to use all of them as we will end up losing all our players come to Summer. He is not FIT for English football.

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