Date: 26th March 2020 at 9:10am
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Yesterday, here at Vital Chelsea, we covered a piece of speculation inferring that a French World Cup-winning forward could be available on the transfer market.

Our article – now-this-is-a-buy-that-would-seriously-excite-the-chelsea-support – covered the possibility of Chelsea paying €100 million to bring Antoine Griezmann to the club, from Barcelona.

My view was that it would be a move that should if it were to go ahead, we should welcome with open arms.

However, I wasn’t sure that was a view you’d share.

Therefore, what better path to take than to put it to the poll.

Our poll was simply titled:

Antoine Griezmann to Chelsea?

The response proved I was right to put it to the vote with 64% voting for the NO option with only 36% going for the YES option.

I can only concur that in reaching this decision there were fears, such as:

• The size of the transfer fee
• The salary Chelsea would have to pay the player.
• His age.
• Where he’d fit into the side.


• Chelsea would be better spending the €100 million on somebody else.

Please feel free to enlighten me as to why you may have opted against bringing Griezmann to Stamford Bridge.

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2 Replies to “The Chelsea Support Are Not In Favour Of This Ace Joining The Club”

  • Hello Merlin,

    Despite the transfer embargo, I still don’t that Chelsea will be spending huge sums of money carte blanche. I believe that they will continue with the one-in-one-out policy that they have adopted over the last few years.

    Firstly, dealing with the Griezmann availability, I would say that another short and near the top of his potential (age-wise) is the last type of player that we need.

    His decline started at Atletico Madrid and his failure to reach the required standards at Barcelona supports my theory. Why should Chelsea be looking for Barcelona’s cast-offs when we are trying to build for the future with young hungry players?

    We are Chelsea, we are young, we are the future and therefore Griezmann is not what we need.

    At this time of the year the rumour mill is in full swing and I do believe that there is no smoke without fire so let us presume that some of the outgoings are true and if so, this is a hypothetical scenario.

    Giroud, Caballero, Pedro and Willian will leave on free transfers so nothing to add to the coffers.

    Kante likely to leave and we can still expect £80m at least. I do sincerely hope that this does not happen.

    Emerson and Alonso likely to leave and we hope to get £40m for the pair at least.

    Bakayaro likely to leave and we will try to recover £35m at least.

    Moses will leave and we will try to recover £10m at least.

    Christensen likely to leave and we will try to recover £35m at least.

    Morata will complete his transfer and we will receive £55m.

    There is also the potential departure of Kepa but for the purpose of this exercise, we should ignore that for now.

    These are the obvious outgoing names being branded about so if my calculations are correct we are hoping to have a budget of £255m

    Assuming that all of this budget is allocated towards transfers for next season, I would suggest that is utilised thus:

    GK-Henderson for £55m
    LB-Telles for £40m
    CB-Ben White for £25m
    CM-Kelvin Elliot £25
    RW-Sancho for £120
    LW- Jeremie Boga £18M

    That makes it £283M with an £28m overspend (I think).

    Penny for your thoughts!!??

    More importantly may I take this opportunity to wish you, all football supporters and families across the world a safe time through this traumatic time. I pray that all of those already suffering a full and speedy recover, please.

    KTBFFH , always.

    • Hi Navid, I’ll use the above as an article later today, its far too good to be confined to the comments section where it might not get the response it deserves.

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