Date: 2nd June 2018 at 10:43am
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These are certainly interesting times when it comes to Chelsea Football Club.

Circumstances have contrived to provide the media with the ability to generate unlimited column inches.

Columns of speculation that, inevitably, discuss the very future of the club now that the British Government has elected to delay the issue of a visa for our owner.

With the news already broken that the redevelopment of the ground has been put on hold, due to the financial implications not making it a viable investment, one news source has seen it as an indication that Abramovich could be prepared to sell up, although the news source in question, the Times, has indicated that Roman would be looking to get his £1.17 billion investment back if a sale were to be the direction he takes.

But what does the highly active social media network make of the situation?

Perhaps all is not lost, with several tweets indicating that Roman could, quite possibly, have found a way around the current visa issue:

Is it really that easy to ‘cheat’ the system?

Continuing, on the Israel theme, another tweet candidly points out:

Maybe Roman has, through his advisors, found a loophole the government can do nothing about:

But, for now, we’ll leave you with a controversial tweet from the so-called celebrity, Piers Morgan:

Now that’s rich coming from an Arsenal supporter is it not?

But, what are your thoughts on what many are perceiving could be a crossroads in Chelsea’s future?

Please feel free to air your opinions in the comments section beneath this article.

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3 Replies to “The Dawn of a New Era or Trouble Ahead, You Decide”

  • This much uncertainty isn’t going to encourage anybody new to come to Chelsea in any capacity unless it’s somebody not yet on the radar. Juan Carlos Osorio has announced he is quitting as manager of Mexico after the World Cup, 3 good years in that job, he speaks a Spanish and English and if Conte is released he might be on the radar now if the ownership/stadium concerns remain.

  • Nobody wants to come here, anyway, Derrick. It is already impossible to recruit top players. And the toxic environment that has been created by the owner’s “disposable” mentality, will ensure that, for as long as he’s here. I’ve said for some time that this owner was toxic, and that we’d be better without him. But fanboys love his money, despite anything that might be unsavory about him. (like his iron-fisted rule over a subject that has nothing to do with him) Well, we can’t have it all. Abramovich has run Chelsea like the KGB for 15 years now. The model shows no consistency, and in fact, is showing itself to be regressive. (no more Champion’s League for the foreseeable future, at this rate) He’s a stupid, stubborn man. And if he’s being investigated for links to corruption, you can bet that it’s not just a fart in the wind… (kinda seems intuitive, actually) I’d love to see a new owner who loves the club, not just to boost his toy collection and ego – but actually wants to build a footballing dynasty. Which basically means, is willing to include the discretion of actual footballers, to make that happen. Instead of whatever the current “thought process” is…

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