Date: 27th July 2017 at 7:45am
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Chelsea are, currently, two games into a three game schedule in the Far East.

After beating Arsenal 3-0, Chelsea slipped to a 3-2 defeat against Bayern Munich, with the game being lost in the opening half-hour when Chelsea played below par.

The Far East tour is wrapped up when Chelsea play AC Milan, in Singapore, this Sunday.

But, after the defeat to a Carlo Ancelotti managed Bayern Munich side, we just had to use our front-page poll facility to gauge your opinions on the result.

We offered you three options to choose from:

? It worries me!

? It was only a friendly!


? Undecided.

It seems that the vast majority of you believe the result wasn`t that significant with 82% of you opting for the it was only a friendly option.

However, there were also 16% of you who opted for the it worries me option, clearly worried that those opening thirty minutes could be indicative of how fragile we can be at times.

As for the remaining 2%, they were sat on the fence and opted for the undecided option.

Here at Vital Chelsea we thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll covers an intriguing question and relates to the number of players Chelsea will sign between now and the transfer window slamming shut.

Use your vote wisely!

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