Date: 21st May 2012 at 1:02pm
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Yesterday was a historic day in the history of our club as we all know but less than 24 hours after that epic victory in Munich, Fernando Torres gave an interview to Guillerm Balague essentially whining about his lack of playing time etc etc etc.

I wont bore you with the details, anyone who hasn’t read it already can easily google it on the internet. Please don’t get me wrong, those who know me will acknowledge that while I never felt signing Torres was the right move for Chelsea FC (and certainly not at the price we paid for him) I have always loved the guy from his Atletico Madrid days and have always been looking out for ways to make his time as blue productive and mutually beneficial.

El Nino is one of the most beloved blues and this is despite the fact that he really has little body of achievements as a blue to justify it. I just feel we should be consistent and call a spade a spade, this interview was very ill timed and the things he said in the interview are the sort of things that should be discussed in private with coaching and administrative staff not in the tabloid press.

That is just the truth, anyone trying to defend this action from Torres is just being hypocritical. Would we be as forgiving if this had been Lamps moaning, we all know how Lamps has been brutally abused for the way he publicly handled his poor relationship with AVB (and I said along with others that Lamps should have done better than that and kept his mouth shut from the media), would we be as forgiving if this were Danny Sturridge?

We all know how hard many of us have been on the lad for asking publicly either by himself or through his dad to play in the central striking role. Would we have been so forgiving if Drogs had behaved this way? Look back to how the Drogs has handled himself since Torres has arrived, he has had to spend substantive time on the bench with Carlo, AVB and with RDM, never once has the Drogs complained to the media.

That is how a pro conducts himself, he makes the case for his inclusion by proving his worth on the pitch. Torres has been with us for just about 1.5 yrs and now already has two high level trophies, more than he had in his Liverpool days. He has Champions League football to look forward to next year. He can reasonably expect to have some high level reinforcements join us to make his job next year easier. He is paid handsomely and the majority of the blue nation fans adore him despite his really suboptimal output as a goal scorer for us thus far.

It is easy for El nino to blame Chelsea and our poor midfield for his problems but his form for La Roja has not be scintillating either and it would not surprise me if Vincente Del Bosque who is like a second father to the lad is forced to leave him of the Euros squad just because of his lack of form. The tone his interview had was essentially one of calling out the coaching staff and administration and asking for guaranteed playing time irrespective of his form and this barely one day after the club wins the Champions League!

This is ridiculous and wont win him any friends among his team mates or with the management staff, this is not how to go about this sort of things and I would think after the big mess he made of an interview earlier in the season when he essentially referred to his veteran team mates in unflattering terms he would have learnt his lesson.

For the record as my posts show I felt Torres should have started in the final along with Drogs. I once wrote an article suggesting he be given penalty duties, I feel he has improved quite a bit and has a place in our future but he needs to stop this very annoying habit of always crying to the media when he feels all is not going well for him, he needs to focus on competing for his place by his performance and effort on the pitch and when he has grievances discuss them with the powers that be man to man behind closed doors, not aired in the media to embarrass the club, undermine your team mates and put a very sour flavor to what should be the most unalloyed joyous occasion for our club.

Finally El nino be patient, you don’t even have 2 years of history under your belt, you don’t even have 20 goals scored as a blue and you now want to call the coaching staff and board out in the media, mate get real, you haven’t earned the right!