Date: 6th September 2013 at 9:04am
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As I prepare to head off to a weekend retreat, an ideal opportunity seeing as there is no Premier League football this weekend; I`ve a debateable subject for you.

It`s a subject that has been the topic of much discussion this week and relates to the state of English football and in particular the berating of the fact that the Premier League contains so few English-born stars.

With the England national side struggling to qualify for the World Cup, in Brazil, in 2014, I`m asking the Vital Chelsea fraternity to come up with a possible solution to why there are so few English players considered good enough for the Premier League.

Should Premier League sides be forced to field a minimum number of home grown stars?

Should Premier League clubs be limited to the number of foreign players they can have on their books?

And, finally,

What, in your opinion, brought about this demise?

Your thoughts would be most welcome.