Date: 16th July 2017 at 9:00am
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In the chaos that was yesterday, with the network going off line, you may have noticed that we`ve changed our front-page poll.

It now carries a very pertinent question relating to the future of our Serbian midfielder, Nemanja Matic.

However, it would be crass to switch polls and not inform you all how the previous one ended.

The previous poll concentrated on the future of Loic Remy.

With the French striker now back at Stamford Bridge we wanted to know what you felt about his future.

As has been the norm in the past week, we left three options for you to choose from:

? Give him a second (or should that be third) chance this season.

? Sell him this summer.


? Who?

As has been the case over the past week, we had a clear winning option.

A massive 77%
As for the remaining votes cast, 20% showed more leniency, believing he should be given another chance to show he can do the business.

As for the remaining 3%, they opted for the who option, clearly having forgotten he was once the man signed to slot in when Diego Costa was injured or suspended.

As we mentioned earlier, our latest poll concentrates on the future of Nemanja Matic and a proposed move to Manchester United, please use your vote wisely.


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  • I’ve heard that Chelsea are hiring the Albert Hall to welcome back all the players out on loan.

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