Date: 8th October 2017 at 9:53am
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Looking for inspiration during what is a bleak international wilderness with the Premier League parked up, we thought we`d use our front-page poll to ask a general question.

Our question wanted to know what competition you thought would provide Chelsea with their best hope of silverware this season.

We gave you four options to choose from:

? Premier League

? Champions League

? FA Cup


? League Cup

The results were pretty close with two competitions featuring very prominently.

However, according to the votes cast, you are of the belief that the Premier League is Chelsea`s best hope of a trophy with 36% voting for that option.

Following closely in second was the Champions League which captured 31% of the vote.

Just two points behind though was the FA Cup with 29% of you of the opinion out of the four trophies this is the one we stand the best chance of winning.

Trailing in fourth was the League Cup with just 4% of you being of the opinion that is our best hope.

Do you concur with how the vote turned out?

Our latest poll is connected with our Spanish Armada series and asks you to pass judgement on the Chelsea career of Fernando Torres.

Please use your vote wisely!

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