Date: 3rd December 2017 at 9:02pm
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Ahead of our game against Newcastle United we asked what sort of reception you thought one of our old managers (interim) in Rafa Benitez would when he arrived back at the Bridge. It was his first visit to the club as the manager of an opposing team since he left in 2013.

We gave you three choices as to how you thought it would all pan out. They were

⦁ Cheered to the Rafters!

⦁ Politely applauded!

⦁ Booed!

And what an optimistic bunch you are. Coming in first place with a magnificent 59% was Cheered to the rafters!, in second place with a respectable 36% was Politely applauded! and bringing up the rear with just 5% was Booed!

As it turned out, although I wasn`t there, my belief is, that when his name was announced, the stadium, although not yet full, rang to the sound of booing. There may have been, would be my guess, a smattering of polite applause. I`m not sure he was cheered to the rafters though.

Our current poll which is ending in the morning asks who you thought was our Man of the Match against Rafa`s toon. Vote wisely!!

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