Date: 29th July 2017 at 10:32am
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On the back of the newspaper speculation that appeared yesterday, something we consequently covered in an article, we used our front-page poll to ask a very pertinent question.

We wanted to know whether a Chelsea move for Ross Barkley would be well received by the Vital Chelsea faithful.

We left you three options to choose from:

? Yes please

? No thanks


? Undecided.

We had a mixed response when it came to the result.

With the midfielder set to leave Everton and with a fee of £25 million being mentioned, 44% of the votes cast were for the yes please option.

But there was almost as many, 42% who didn`t fancy seeing Barkley in a Chelsea shirt who opted for the no thanks option.

As for the remaining 14%, they obviously had a sleepless night and couldn`t make their minds up still, opting for the undecided option.

Thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks you for your views on the possible acquisition of another player linked with Chelsea, Antonio Candreva.

Please use your vote wisely!

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