Date: 17th July 2017 at 11:51am
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Late yesterday, with the social networks alive with the unconfirmed suggestion that Sergio Aguero was heading towards a move to Chelsea, we thought we`d gauge your opinion on such a move.

In true Vital Chelsea tradition, we used our front-page poll to ask whether you thought it would be a viable option and we offered you three options to choose form:

? Yes!

? No!


? Not sure!

The response we received left us in no doubt as to your views.

A huge 89% of you were of the view that yes Chelsea should look towards trying to bring Aguero to the club, obviously believing he could step into the boots of Diego Costa and score the goals needed for the forthcoming season to be successful.

But, 10% of you were a little wary, perhaps believing his injury record and his age counted against him.

As for the remaining 1%, yes you`ve guessed it, went for the not sure option, sitting on the proverbial fence.

Now whether anything concrete will come from this speculation remains to be seen, personally I suspect not.

Our latest poll asks you, with the season drawing closer, who will be our main rivals when it comes to defending our 2016 / 2017 Premier League title.

Please use your vote wisely!


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