Date: 11th May 2014 at 9:00pm
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As the season now draws to a close i find myself largely uninterested in what is going on in the BPL and far more enthralled with the La Liga run in which for the first time in about a decade has true drama to speak of.

The purpose of this piece however is to reiterate for those who happen to be living under a rock somewhere or otherwise who are delusional the shameless open campaign of the FA and its cohorts to try and install Liverpool FC as champions of the BPL this year by any means neccesary. There is no point rehashing the eye catching number of penalties they have been awarded this season..many in game and point saving situations this season. Let us not bother mentioning some of the curious decisions when stone wall penalties that should have been awarded against Liverpool somehow mysteriously never get called. Let us also ignore the curious decisions of some referees like Chris Foy and Michael Dean in matches involving direct liverpool competitors to ensure that such competitiors drop points by any means neccesary. Let us also for the moment ignore the obvious conflict of interest involved (which the FA conviniently ignores) in appointing refs and line men with clear mersey side and liverpool history and roots to officiate in matches involving teams directly competing against Liverpool for the said title. Let us also for the moment also ignore the sickening media love fest for all things liverpool in the last few months.

The way Suarez is now made to look like a saint and his continuing diving and simulation is ignored and thrown out of sight under the carpet. Let us try and ignore the diefication of Steven Gerrard as though this guy has never done any wrong and so should be bestowed a BPL title because after all ‘he deserves it’. Let us also forget the consistent exagerration of all things liverpool with Brendan Rodgers and several of his players winning player of the month and manager of the month while other deserving candidates were consistently rebuffed.

Ignore all this and yet you are left with the rotten developments of the last two weeks as the final act of this years BPL was being written;

1. A player from Aston Villa speaking to the media (I forget who it was and honestly I could care less as to his identity) and assuring Liverpool that the title race was not over. This guy was more concerned about Liverpool winning the BPL than the actual fortunes of his own club. No word of rebuke was forthcoming from his manager nor the FA,

2. Prior to the final matches today Sam Allardyce again shamelessly indicated that he wished Liverpool won the title and that Stevie G won his long deserved PL title. Look I have no problems with him having these views in private ..we all know at least half of the BPL coaches, FA officials and refs are Liverpool groupies but this is ridiculous and frankly rebuke worthy. This is the second time in the last few weeks he has audibly said this publicly. Advocating for another club when he is the manager of another club. The media took this madness to another level reporting that Kevin Nolan a well documented Liverpool boyhood fan and Andy Carroll a recent liverpool reject were all fully charged to give an extra special effort to pull of the miracle shocker win against City to ensure the ‘will of the people and the FA’ that liverpool win the title would come to pass. Thankfully the sky blues would have none of it and roundly hammered the Hammers 2-0 to nail the finalnail to the Liverpool love fest. Once again the FA had no words of rebuke for a manager of another club in his prematch comments canvassing for a different club. You can imagine the uproar that would have followed if such comments were made by some other manager regarding Chelsea FC..fines would likely have been levied with that typical phraseology of ‘ bringing the game into disrepute’.

3.Not to be outdone though the very Chairman of the FA who is supposed to be an impartial arbiter went on record to say before the final round of matches that he was dissapointed that city had so few English players. Imagine these comments coming from
the very chief of the FA coming on the day of the final matches of the season. Does that striker anyone as the voice of an impartial fair arbiter? Does anyone here see just how inapproropriate those comments are coming from the FA chief? He is speaking here of the defacto BPL champs who won the title by a clear superiority in both points and goal difference. They did not break any rules to do it.They had the requisite number of association trained players required by the rules the FA wrote {never mind that other than Joe Hart and James Milner all their other english players were barely bit part names on the total 25 man list}. Is it their fault that on the whole English players simply dont match up with their international competitors and so City have gone for value for their money since they are in this business to win?

Make no mistake about it, if we were on the verge of winning the BPL his statements would have been transposed to us as well. It is so interesting the perception that has been painted of Liverpool being the last remaining hope of British players in the BPL when in fact even that team has essentially been propped up by the sheer excellence and brilliance of one foriegner; the previously much maligned Luis Suarez.

4. To put the final icing on the cake of the whole liverpool agenda of the FA and their cohorts the whole machinery was so desperate to ensure this narrative that with Liverpool down 1-0 to Newcastle at St James Park the refs once again got in on the game and sent of not one but two NewCastle players in their own stadium on the very last day of the PL to ‘even up’ the odds and so ensure Liverpool nowplaying 12 v 9 could then score two goals to secure the 3 points. Thankfully City simply would not cooperate and made the whole travesty at St James park immaterial. Rest assured folks we will see this again next hear it already in the desprate pleas from the media for manu to find a british coach and to maintain a british core . You hear it in pundits openly mandating that if Louis van Gaal is appointed (as seems likely) that he retain old hands like Rio and Ryan Giggs in some shape or form. Liverpool and Man U continue to be seen as the hope and standrard bearers for British players and the fortunes of the English game meaning clubs like us and City will continue to be viewed as the enemy and the Evil empires. I could frankly care less. For this single day I rejoice with the sky blue moon folks and am absolutely enjoying the agony of Liverpool and all the players and participants in this hedious charade called the Liverpool agenda. I am hopeful that come next season the blue reign over the PL will continue just this time in a deeper shade..the royal blue of Chelsea. KTBFF