Date: 9th June 2017 at 5:26pm
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Vital Chelsea commentators (not be confused with our tens of thousands of readers) seem split over the impending arrival of Romelu Lukaku.

On the face of it, the big Belgian striker seems the ideal upgrade on the departing Diego Costa.

More highly rated on the stat sights, with more speed, strength and dribbling prowess, many compare a player now older and stronger than when he left Chelsea with Didier Drogba rather than Costa.

It`s a conversation that will go on up until the time that the big Belgian achieves something near to the glorious feats of our favorite Ivorian.

Though there`s another thing that made Didier the king before he even stepped on the pitch, the lack of this quality ending Costa`s Chelsea career on a sour note: Didier Drogba was never a whiner or a blabber – something Lukaku (pictured above when still at Chelsea) needs to comprehend and digest if he wants to be anything like the figure at Stamford Bridge that he once was at Everton.

The constant mouthing-off to the media about wanting to leave Everton is something I suspect The Don will want to ensure is never repeated by Lukaku at the Bridge.

Conte`s complete and utter radio silence on anything other than what happens on the pitch has been such that the current Costa storm comes as something of a surprise.

Like the best general that he is, The Don allows nothing but nothing to affect the team and the mission.

Comprehend and digest, Romelu.

Much of the anti-Lukaku talk comes about as a result of his play at Everton.

Unlike fans – however self-important – professional coaches have the ability to aim off for a striker serviced by lesser players, and are able to visualize how he`d do in their system.

Far more of us saw David Luiz as a dodgy signing in January than now doubt Lukaku.

But all that mattered is that The Don saw precisely what the veteran Brazilian could bring – not least with the non-stop Kante in front of him – and the rest is glorious history.

It would be a brave or delusionally narcissistic fan who would place their managerial skill and insight over Antonio Conte`s.

With The Don`s whispering and Chelsea-quality ammunition, I see Lukaku blossoming into the big threat he always seems on the verge of being.

But that`s just Antonio Conte`s and my opinion.

There are always those who know better lol.


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