Date: 12th January 2009 at 3:18pm
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Over the past few months, we have been debating over what needs to be done and what should be our approach, in order to arrest an alarming slump in form. I’ve collected a few of the ideas that have been mentioned and then revisited them in context of yesterday’s painful defeat against Manchester United.

Take a look:

THE IDEA: We need to go 4-4-2 with Anelka and Drogba!

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: For 45 minutes yesterday, we played both Anelka and Drogba together. Anelka was reduced to a peripheral role while Drogba was at his wasteful and disinterested best. And to top it off, we did not have a single shot on target. Van Der Sar could have taken a nap between the sticks.

THE IDEA: Drop Deco

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Again, we played the entire second half yesterday minus Deco. It’s fair to say that his form is miserable, but did his removal have any sort of positive impact on the game for us?

THE IDEA: We need Terry and Carvalho together to steady the defence.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: We conceded 3 goals. If it were any other defender with Terry, say Alex or Ivanovic, we would be longing for the return of our first choice centre-back.

THE IDEA: On his day, Drogba is the most fearsome forward in the game.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: This was a game in which Didier Drogba could have redeemed himself for the Champions League misdemeanour. But it wasn’t to be. Did he even have one shot on target?

THE IDEA: Our midfield is one of the best in Europe.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: The fact that our midfielders failed to dominate the opposition’s midfield consisting of Park and Fletcher, says it all. No disrespect to them, but surely you’d expect Ballack and Lampard to do better than those two.

Simply put, I’m not sure of anything right now. The above ideas are supposed to be 100% correct and true. But today, I can’t help but think that maybe the obvious isn’t really what works for us nowadays.