Date: 21st April 2006 at 12:55pm
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In the first of a new series, we approach the editors of the other Premiership Vital sites, to gauge how they view our fine club. First up is Jonathan who runs the Vital Villa site. We grilled him wit

1. Has your season gone as expected?

With Ellis in charge I knew we were no longer going to be competing in the top 5. I thought Europe was an outside chance but think I predicted 10-12th which is outragous for a club this size. What I didn’t expect was the worst start in 25 years and for the Doncaster thrashing. The lack of passion on the pitch has been very hard to take but when you listen to David O’Dearme rambling on, you can sort of understand how it has been translated onto the pitch. He has talked the players down for so long and quite often says after a loss ‘the players have done their best’. How will that motivate them? I can’t see a Sam Allardyce type manager coming out with inane drivel like that. What was the question again!?

2. What changes would you like to see made?

New owners, new manager. Simple as that. Got to be new owners first though. That said, if Ellis stays then we need a different sort of manager who can get the best out of the sum total of all the parts in the team. O’Leary simply can’t do that and although we have been very unlucky with injuries this year, I’m sure he could have at lesat got the team doing the basics like staying on their feet, closing down players and mad things like shooting at goal more!

3. Do you admire the way Mourinho has managed Chelsea?

I admire and like Mourinho, although I think he is now treading the thin line between being original and being lampooned. I admire the fact he has brought in some top English players unlike Arsenal (a club I respect for how they have managed their finances etc, but not for the lack of home grown talent). I don’t admire the way the money has been thrown about and that you buy good players like Shaun Wright-Phillips only for him to sit on the bench.

4. Select a mixed Chelsea / Villa XI (Ratio 6:5 or 5:6)

Cech or Cudicini, (Sorenson is good on his day, but…….) rb: Mark Delaney (when fit!) cb’s: John Terry, Olof Mellberg, lb: Wayne Bridge right midfield: James Milner central: Essien, Frank Lampard, left midfield: Gareth Barry (should be in the England squad) Strikers: Milan Baros (in a quality side he is a quality player), Gudjohnson Back up strikers: Angel (again, with quality around him), Crespo and Carlton Cole if he can sort his head out and realise that he has the pace and strength to be an immense striker, just now needs the desire and belief. Drogba could be the ball boy as I think he is totally over-rated.

5. Who would you prefer to sign – Terry or Lampard?

Lampard. We had a chance to sign him and blew it. He is total quality. Terry isn’t bad either mind you!

6. What’s it like to conquer Europe – We’re still waiting for our glory!

Better than sex. The foreplay was great before as well, shame the climax didn’t last longer. I’m sorry, I think I’m losing my marbles, what the heck am I on about!? Seems light years away now though, Ellis has done his best to wipe it from our history books and we do tend to live on the past glories, but to win in those days as a knock out competition was something special. I’ve got to know our captain at the time Dennis Mortimer since as well, which has been a real honour. Those guys used to play week in week out. I could start going on about how football was far more of a mans game in those days with proper tackles etc, but you’d probably just glaze over!

7. Should Abramovich speak out more or is the silent way the best?

The best chairman keep their mouths shut and their wallets open. Ours got confused and has done the opposite. If he tells a reporter one more time that he still plays tennis I’ll stick the racket up his ****. After all, Borg was a great tennis player but he was totally rubbish in business!

8. Is our bad media image a result of being successful?

I don’t think many people like the way that you’ve been able to throw so much money about and part of that is probably jealousy. I think Mourinho is arrogant and whereas I like the swagger, the press probably don’t! Hey, if you are winning, does it matter that you aren’t liked? Man Utd never seemed to worry. I wish everyone hated us for the same reasons!

9. Facilities – Villa Park or Stamford Bridge?

Villa Park. Love the badge, love the colours, love the ground – although I’ll remain permanently angry that Ellis vandalised our historic Trinity Road Stand – love the heritage, love everything about the club apart from what we have been reduced to on the pitch. The derby v Birmingham City on Sunday showed just how great the atmosphere can be at Villa Park; just need the right board to bring the right product onto the pitch and it will rock again. I don’t think there are many better stands in world football than the Holte End.

10. Biggest gripe about Chelsea?

That you are above Villa, simple as that!

We here at would like to thank Jonathan for his valued contribution as we endeavour to gauge just how our club is perceived by the rest of the Premiership.

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