Date: 10th June 2017 at 4:41pm
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I`ve been pretty robust at declaring that Romelu Lukaku to the tip of Chelsea’s spear is a done deal.

But, as even my detractors will admit, I`m always man enough to admit my errors.

The reason I`m writing this is because I`ve heard repeated mention of something that takes this deal off the table for me.

Takes it off the table like in one of those poker games in Westerns where the bad guy sweeps everything – cards, chips, drinks, ash-trays, everything – off the table.

The thing I keep hearing suddenly is £100 million.

That’s crackers! (pictured above)

Everton have always played hardball with us like that bitter little brother that seizes upon any tiny little opportunity to tweak the big brother by the nose.

They did it with John Stones – and you know what?

Turned out that was a massive blessing in disguise.

£87 million is already taking the **** more than enough for a player who has done absolute zero at the highest level.

Yeah, sure, Don Antonio the Player Whisperer will fix that.

But at a price £40 million – forty million!!! – higher than what PSG are rumoured to be paying for the at least as good Aubameyang??!


How can people be that emotionally unintelligent to believe either the owner or The Don would stand for highway robbery?

Time for the big Belgian lad to tell his agent, the bloodsucking Raiola, to back the **** off.


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